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  1. mocha1943's Avatar
    Carnal Flower is magnificent! I have a 10 ml decant that I am nursing along. The cost for a larger size is ,unfortunately, prohibitive for me.
  2. Kal's Avatar
    No! No! Re: Chanel No. 22 - I love it! I love the white, the incense and vanilla and am half way through a huge bottle of the EdT AND I have some vintage parfum - it's an all time fave. I just meant that it's nothing like Beautiful so it doesn't work as a replacement for it. It hasn't got the same feel and I therefore put it in a different category. I presume that most people would think that they were similar without knowing either that well.

    Of course I know I cannot replace a lost perfume but I think it might be possible to garner the same feel from a different perfume. As an aside - I think Beautiful might have been somewhat based on Chamade but there's something in Chamade that puts me off. Admittedly I overapply because I effin love that opening and could suck that down my lungs all day. But as it dries down it gets - I dunno - bitter? I can't put my finger on it but I don't like it. Ahahahaha I'm ranting again! Lol - I should respond on your message page instead. xD

    Shame about Gardenia on you but I think I know the effect you're speaking of. I always associated that with 'fake', 'cheap' or synthetic frags so maybe it's a vintage vs current thing?
    Man I can't wait to try Fracas! Can you believe CF is more easilly accessible to me (through the inner-neyt) than any Robert Piquet? Stupid.

    *flicks wasabi peas at you*
  3. Sunnyfunny's Avatar
    I keep meaning to tell you, I tried Beautiful the other day. I actually have a nice, fat sample of it as a part of a gift with fragrance purchase from Estee Lauder. So it is the newest formulation. And it's actually quite lovely, so I can only imagine what the original smelled like. I love No. 22. Interestingly, the things you mentioned that make it 'too' for you are those that make it so spot-on gorgeous to me.

    I can't wait to hear how CF works on your skin. The only tuberose/gardenia fume I've tried that does not turn plasticky on me is Fracas, and I think it is the presence of musk and woods, and perhaps the actual lack of gardenia. I cannot do gardenia-- it's way too green, which is unfortunate because I loved gardenia lotions and creams when I was younger.

    I shall never look at wasabi peas the same AGAINNNN!!!
  4. Sunnyfunny's Avatar
    HULLO!!!! You've had a blog this whole time???!!?!?!?!? Sweet. You are seriously hilarious. Totally enjoyed reading this (and looking at pictures .)
  5. Kal's Avatar
    Thanks Eleanore

    Things like this really make me worry.
    Will there come a day when everything cosmetic will be owned by L'Oreal? Will the only choices we have be tested on animals and all the perfumes smell like varying degrees of the same sugar water?

    Now I wish more than ever that I had access to Niche frags ...
  6. 's Avatar
    Excellent blog Kal!!!! Thank you very much for putting us in the know. Fortunately for me, I don't use any of the above; but my daughter uses Body Shop. I would rather have 10 pimples than torture an animal.

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