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  1. Highland Lilac

    A dewy morning breeze fluttering
    Senses awakened by a heavenly flower
    My youth returning in its petals
    A song of days gone by
    Like the winds of Mackinac
    Dancing in June
    Upon the laughter of children
    Sweet, gentle essence
    Reality shrouded in fantasy
    Bringing a smile to my lips
    With its honeyed floral freshness
    An everlasting Lilac
  2. Forest through the Window

    Young and bright-eyed I was
    My father drove down the winding roads
    As the mist filled the air with her scent
    Carrying the memories of the coniferous bows
    And his gentle voice would speak
    Of the beauty of the forest
    A love of the wilderness
    And something I could carry with me
    Forever in my heart
  3. The Scent of Chrism

    Like an angel's breath upon your skin you were kissed
    When I held you the day you were blessed
    With the holiness of times gone by
    The Spirit filled the Cathedral

    The Holy aroma, the scent of ancient times
    Lingered upon your innocent brow
    And I smiled for you were so beautiful
    And your aroma was pleasing to God

    Sparkling Ray of sunshine
    As the light came forth pouring
    Through the spectral windows
    And ...

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