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  1. Quarry's Avatar
    Sampled, not in directory:
    Anatole Lebreton Cornaline **
    Carthusia Terra Mia **

    Yardley Jewel Collection at Epcot
    Updated 3rd March 2019 at 04:28 PM by Quarry
  2. ECaruthers's Avatar
    Thanks, Quarry,

    I'm concluding that we're all different. E.g., I'm very enthusiastic about Honeysuckle but borderline anosmic to Iso E Super & all the modern synthetic musks I've tried.

    Is it only the perfume iris note (made from the roots) that you can't smell? How about the flowers, some of which I really love?
  3. Foustie's Avatar
    Fascinating my dear! Oh, the Iris. What a bummer.
  4. Nostalgie's Avatar
    This one has me contemplating. Thanks, Quarry.
  5. jujy54's Avatar
    Very interesting. Thanks for making it alphabetical. I like your categories, esp Iffy, Unenthused, and Icky. Fragrance hits us that way. Iffy is in the middle, but it hardly sounds neutral. After all, who is neutral when it comes to smell, it's either "give me more" or "get it away from me."

    Given the notes, I'd love to see your Top 10 list (or 20, or 100...).
  6. Larimar's Avatar
    And L'Heure Bleue being the exception to this 'rule'? Nice list, Quarry!
  7. cello's Avatar
    Oh, my sweet dear. Anosmic to iris. How cruel can life be for you?! Mwaahhh, ha ha! A sarcastic joke of course, Mrs. Q.

    Great list! And I should think about just this thing myself. It would help to clarify seemingly random likes and dislikes. Thank you for the idea!

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