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  1. MonkeyBars's Avatar
    Nice review Foustie. I'm also not a fan of the powderbomb Shalimar, and am a big proponent of Jicky. SI does feel like Jicky at times, which makes me surprised this juice is being marketed to younger women. It feels deep and sophisticated to my nose. I get sour cream along with the bergamot, vanilla and iris. Very curious to try the l'Eau version. This is the only "feminine" I want in my wardrobe, if that says anything.
  2. Foustie's Avatar
  3. Foustie's Avatar
    Thank You so much for your kind comments. We have obviously "read" this fragrance in the same way. I have to confess that I don't like the original Shalimar, although I do have some (not vintage), so maybe that left me more open to enjoying this one. Also I really enjoy Iris. I love the way that you describe SPI as strking the right chord - nodding to the classics but with a serious update. I think that is what I was trying to say. I think we should give Mr Wasser due respect for that!
  4. Nostalgie's Avatar
    I really enjoyed this review! I agree that "ambery floral" doesn't capture it at all. Sometimes the more authentic or classic Guerlains are just too much for me. The many new gourmand Elixirs and A&Ms are often just too much of a good thing. Parfum Initial strikes just the right chord--nodding to the classics, but with a serious update.

    I agree that the first stage its the best.

    I get lots of iris, too.

    I"m reminded of new formulation Jicky somehwere in the first 30 minutes.
  5. cello's Avatar
    Well done, Foustie! Dior Homme on Cuir de Lancome...maybe I need to try that.
  6. hedonist222's Avatar
    Now isn't that just rewarding.
  7. Foustie's Avatar
    Hey Hedi, the wee box has winged it's way over the Atlantic to a venerable Basenotes friend who is interested in vintage, and she is trying to find out what she can about it. What fun!
  8. hedonist222's Avatar
    What a sweet story
  9. Beauxbatons13's Avatar
    just a quick sidenote, what if the little perfumed card was a sample that was never actually released? maybe something Mr. Lelong was working on? just an odd thought. I hope one day maybe you'll come across that exact scent again. Scent is supposedly by scientist the one sense of smell deeply rooted in memory.
  10. ECaruthers's Avatar
    Yes, Foustie, you've got my interest too. I'll have to round up samples of Jicky, original Sharlimar and Shalimar Perfume Initial. I haven't see Shalimar Perfume Initial here yet, but maybe I just have to look harder.

    And I agree completely that new fragrances and new customers enable us to keep access to the classics.
  11. Beauxbatons13's Avatar
    Lovely review I'm interested I'll keep my eye out for a chance to sample this.
  12. Wrappedinglory's Avatar
    Wonderful story. The persistence of perfumes in people's memory never ceases to amaze me. Even more so with sensitive people. Is that one of the reason why usually women love perfumes more than men?
  13. Foustie's Avatar
    Nah, they did not. What a buzz it would have been if one of them had smelled the same!! The old ones, whether genuine or reproduction, all smell dense and resinous, the wee card was oooooh, I just cant describe it. Rememnber too that it would be of a style of almost forty years later. Hopefully some day I will have some kind of epiphany or I will come across something made in a Lelong factory in the 70's, or maybe someone can point me in the right direction......?

    Thank you so much for your interest.
  14. Aiona's Avatar
    ECaruthers, you asked the question I was wondering too! Did one of them smell the same as the card?
  15. ECaruthers's Avatar
    What a great story. Do any of the perfumes remind you of that long ago card? Sadly, my scent memore and my scent preferences change with time and I did not recognize any of my mother's old perfumes when I found them later.
  16. Twolf's Avatar
    Very interesting story indeed. What country are you coming from? As a European child I also had penpals in the early 80s and they were fun. I would encourage you to go through your old diaries or papers, find her address and try writing to her.

    Out of the three I am only familiar with LL Balalaika but I would be thrilled getting to know the other two. Could we please see your Wardrobe so that we know what you are looking for in terms of swapping?

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