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  1. 2010

    44 different scents worn

    5x -- Tolu by Ormonde Jayne
    3x -- Mahjoun by DSH
    Yvresse by YSL
    2x -- Lumiere (DSH)
    Alien (Mugler)
    Onda EDP (Vero Profumo)
    Honey Blossom (Aftelier)
    Gold Woman (Amouage)

    Fourth Quarter:
    I recorded almost nothing in October, but still. 79 different scents worn *Good Lord!!*
    7x -- Tolu
    5x -- Cardamom and Khyphi (DSH) ...

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  2. Most Worn in June? + 2nd Quarter

    Yay, this is the first month I stuck to keeping track of all my wears! Whoo hoo!
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    I almost started this thread yesterday, but worked instead and kept checking if someone else did
    June 2010 was the first month I really stuck to it, keeping track of everything I wore and sampled.

    The results stunned me. I am officially calling my June 2010 "A Month of Sampling Feast" -- I wore 52 different scents in June!!! Some wearings were "researchy" kinds --
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  3. Which fragrance(s) seem to affect your mood the most?

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    I would start by saying what's been said by many: I do not tend to keep or wear a perfume that doesn't have this ability to change my mood in some more or less predictable way.
    I've been trying to devise some sort of "rubric" for putting stars on my samples and bottles of perfume for the wardrobe. When something ranks at 4, this means I am starting to get some of this connection with my mood. When I start getting a connection between the perfume and my mood, that's where usually
  4. Prep for Sniff & Speak

    Wow, it's officially less than a week before the July Sniff & Speak! I didn't order a sampler of greens from the Perfumed Court, but got some ideas for greens from them (from the deluxe green sampler, mainly). I got four samples (plenty for a Saturday!):

    - Celadon : A Velvet Green by DSH Perfumes (an aromatic green classified by Fragrantica);
    - Botanical Essence No. 1 by Liz Earle (classified by Fragrantica as aromatic, mainly because bergamoth and lavender, I guess); ...

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  5. Sotd - Wednesday the 16th of June

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    I am in Hermes Un Jardin sur le Nil. Just got it in a swap, had no idea what it smelled like, but when I tried it I was elated! Here's something along the "tropical" lines that actually works for me. White petals asoar a light breeze scented by some tropical fruit... light breeze, not a B&B breakfast bowl -- here's the key for me!

    It probably won't work in really hot weather, but over here.... ah well, I'll stop rubbing it in. I'm off to the valley, maybe it'll
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