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  1. So I sprayed R. Lauren's Modern Reserve, for Men, don't know if there's one for the Lassies........

    Quote Originally Posted by odioustoilet View Post
    for the first time about two hours ago.

    Not impressed so far, at first I could really smell the basil and now it smells like-Beleaf by the Body Shop (?) I believe.

  2. Wow! My "Verses" must've done a number on the BNote site!

    Ever since I put up my groups of words about scents nobody else has put up a word at all!
  3. The Cologne verses.........

    There once was a man from Nantucket
    who wore a pretty smelling toilet water that he kept in a bucket.......

    I am a simpleton
    my fragrances are won through low bids on ebay, but hey!..
    maybe one fine day my low priced scents will help me find a gal like Kate Middleton........

    Adidas, Byblos, Kanon and Bel Ami...........liquid smells w/various notes like vetiver from the isle of Haiti..........some I have come to love and others I will just sell, ...
  4. AVON LEATHER A few days ago I raved about getting my vintage Avon Leather aftershave in the mail

    now I'm happy to report that the Leather aftershave has kept its potency and I've started to use it as a second "layer" when going out.

    I've gotten some great feedback when applying Varvatos Vintage and then adding Avon Leather to it, sort of a "manning-up" of this already popular scent (VV).
  5. WooooHooooo! I got my 1970's vintage Avon Leather aftershave in the mail today!!

    I got me a great old scent in this purchase of an Avon Abraham Lincoln commemorative "red, white & blue" boxed bottle.

    Smells like what a more mature man would wear and I think I'll wear it out to the post office to mail some items.

    Have a good day Bnoters!
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