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  1. Ever wonder what a reviewer looks like in person?

    When I read someone say they get plenty of compliments it makes me wonder if the scent is truly good or just a way for the opposite sex to strike up a conversation with the wearer?

    I'll admit I'm nothing to write home about and I don't get compliments like the ones I read about, even when I have worn some real good stuff.
  2. I stayed away from Curve because it always looked like a teen type of frag.

    I've only been collecting frags for a less than a year and one of the scents that got me into this is Zirh Corduroy.

    When I first tried it I thought, "Wow, what a great fragrance"! and the positive reviews here on Bnotes only added to my enthusiasm.

    Well, what a surprise when I sat down and tried out this little travel size Curve for men deo stick.

    It's pretty close to Corduroy! How interesting, also, recently I finally got my hands on some ...
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