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  1. odioustoilet's Avatar
    Dear Mimi,

  2. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    I liked your 'verses' entry ,OdiousToilet.
  3. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    Nice verses, Odie !
  4. odioustoilet's Avatar
    Hey Trex! Thanks for the good word, I have never ever heard of Peau d'Espagne, I will look it up though.

    Same for Etro, you're just making it harder for me now! Now I got more scents' purchase to contemplate...............many thank!!
  5. trex57's Avatar

    Hi Odie, congrats on your new(?) frags. Have you tried two of my fave old school leathers, Peau d'Espagne by SMN and Gomma from Etro?. You might like em

    Keep posting my man, you do have a sunny outlook on things.

    Regards Rex
  6. odioustoilet's Avatar
    Thank you for those positive words! Yes, I got Bogart's Witness in a mini size, I like it.

    Bogart Pour Homme is so much better, in my opinion.
  7. Surfacing's Avatar

    I like your style, enthusiasm and pressence on the Male Fragrance Board. It reminds me of why I came here. You've always had a good attitude. Thanks.

    By the way, some good cheaper priced scents ? Have you tried Bogart Witness ? Its quite nice, but not a good candidate for a "blind buy" ( is anything ?). I'm kind fixated on scents from the late 80s and early 90s at the moment. Witness was 1992 ? or maybe '91.
  8. Dr.Hohum's Avatar
    'tis good stuff.

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