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  1. Scent-imental's Avatar
    I would probably wear a solid perfume, or something less bold, as a nod to those who dislike, or are allergic to fragrance. I can't tolerate the thought of a day without a favourite fragrance. Its one of life's special little luxuries, that triggers memories of other times and places, and transports us from a dull office space, to Hawaii (tuberose does that for me, i had a tuberose Lei, at my wedding) or some other exotic locale. Its a morale booster, and costs the boss nothng, as we provide it for ourselves. I'm rambling, sorry. I enjoyed reading this, thank you.
  2. antiqueRose's Avatar
    I like your commentary. When I want to wear fragrance (which is every day) but I think it might be a bit much for someone I spray the fragrance on the inside of my clothes! Just one little spray inside my jeans or whatever.

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