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I have 5 frags that i really like is it still too much?

I have sold or used up the majority of my frags. I do miss polo crest that was one of my favorites. To bad they dont make it anymore. The five I do have are git and himalaya for work and everyday. smw and aventus for special occasions and bdp for very dressy events or real cold days. My wife seems to think i should narrow it down to 2 or three that I really like and stick with those.

  1. Creed

    by , 3rd November 2010 at 10:58 AM (I have 5 frags that i really like is it still too much?)
    I am a big fan of bdp and imperial, have been wearing Creed fragrances for about 10 years now. I will begin by saying that Julio's review nyfragance blog on youtube about bdp is extremly bias, saying it smells hot and label it with negative comments like an old man in a sauna is a bit much. I do agree it is not for younger people but bdp is one of creeds most well put togeather fragrance especially the drydown. He does great reviews but this one he is way off to say the least!. Love Dynamite Denis ...

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