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  1. Signature Scent: Versace pour Homme or 212 Men by C.H.?

    Hey, guys. Newbie here. I need your help. I'm looking for a signature scent and I'm deciding between Versace pour Homme and CH 212 Men. (Luckily, neither are common in my country) Other designer, not-so-hard-to-find, inexpensive fragrance suggestions would also be appreciated.

    About me:
    - 22 years old
    - Looking for a versatile, signature scent suitable for tropical weather
    - Had Bvlgari Aqua as my sig.scent before but grew EXTREMELY tired of it
  2. Fragrance for first dates (22 y.o.)

    Hi Basenoters! I am 22 years old, living in a tropical country, and I recently got hooked on fragrances. Now, I'm trying to cover each occasion with at least one fragrance.

    So far, I think I have everything covered, say, PR's One Million for a night out with friends, etc. Now, I'm trying to look for a fragrance that's suitable for first dates, hehe

    I was thinking of fragrances somewhere along the line of Polo Double Black (unsure about its longevity), Armani Attitude ...
    Tags: date, sexy

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