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Various musings about various things, mainly fragrance.

  1. The Journey So Far vol.4

    by , 14th July 2008 at 07:09 AM (Crouching Tiger Hidden Flacon)
    In the beginning of 2003 two important things happened: I got my first credit card and started the Great Chypre Quest.

    Many fragrance forum fellows kindly made recommendations and generously provided samples, and I soon learned that the Chypres that were most me were either leather Chypres like Bandit or Jolie Madame or fruit Chypres like Femme, Mitsouko or Y, but I didn't get along with green Chypres like No 19 or Eau de Soir. Not surprisingly, one of my greatest Chypre loves, Le ...
  2. The Journey So Far vol.3

    by , 21st May 2008 at 05:42 AM (Crouching Tiger Hidden Flacon)
    The biggest turning point of my journey came in 2002 when I wanted to learn more about fragrances. When looking for information on the internet I ran into several fragrance forums (of which Basenotes is the only one I still frequent). It was mind-blowing to find people all over the world sharing the same obsession with scents. I learned about fragrances and houses I had never heard of before, but wanted to tackle the Classics first.

    Since I still had no credit card, I had to settle ...
  3. The Journey So Far vol.2

    by , 16th May 2008 at 02:56 PM (Crouching Tiger Hidden Flacon)
    While I was studying, I didn't get any new fragrances, but wore what I had. I got married during this period, and the man who's now my husband liked Égoïste so much on me that he started to wear it himself, too. We both wore it at our wedding, and more than a decade later it's still "our scent".

    When I spent a semester in St.Petersburg as an exchange student, the ruble crashed, and I could allow myself the luxury of a new scent. Still not a full-size bottle, but two minis: ...
  4. The Journey So Far vol.1

    by , 14th May 2008 at 05:31 PM (Crouching Tiger Hidden Flacon)
    I have no idea when and where I got started with perfumes, probably by sniffing interesting looking bottles on the vanity tables (at homes of relatives and family friends), which were my favourite hang-outs as a kid. Mirrors, lippies, jars, bottles... couldn't get enough. I also started to read about scents very early from my mother's and aunt's beauty & fashion mags.

    But the definite starting point of my perfume collecting was when I wished Anaïs Anaïs or Rive Gauche for Christmas ...

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  5. Yohji

    by , 15th January 2008 at 06:27 AM (Crouching Tiger Hidden Flacon)
    If I had a signature, or a Holy Grail for that matter, it would be Yohji, Yohji Yamamoto's first scent, now sadly discontinued.

    It seemed like destiny right from the start. It was late summer 1998, I was searching for info about perfume on the internet and ended up on Sephora's site. At that point the French site included much more info than the English/American one.

    I had admired Yohji Yamamoto's clothes for ages, so was thrilled to learn that he had launched a scent. ...
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