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  1. Providence Perfume Co.

    This is my first natural perfume from Providence Perfume Co. I have a pot of Chiffonade solid perfume for which their website lists the notes as:
    Violet Leaf

    What I get is mostly orris and basil with hints of other green-ness that I assume is the violet leaf or other herbs and some floral which must be the mimosa and iris. The herbal notes diminish first, but the orris does not and it gets sweeter as I wear it. It is very ...
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  2. Rose Notes: Part 1

    I am participating in 30Roses sample program for roses. So, I am making notes for myself in case I feel a need to review scents.

    Tea Rose: My standard is Fleur de The Rose Bulgare by Creed. Mainly because it is the oldest tea rose perfume in the collection. I already had a sample of this one in my collection.

    Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose: This one is a bit spicier than the Creed. I could tell it was from the 70's without looking at the date. It has a "potpourri" ...
  3. Some Wearing Notes...

    I just got some vintage Emeraude. It smelled like moth balls for 5 minutes before I got the familiar scent I remember from the 70's.

    Chanel No. 5. I finally get it. The aldehydes smell like bleached linen. If I hadn't read the Secret History of Chanel No. 5 I would never have understood that.

    Tried Black Orchid at Bloomingdales. My boyfriend reacted very positively. He said, "that one is for night."
  4. Original Prada

    Another review, I just can't help blogging them, but this way I can get comments or discussion, which are welcome.

    This is a review for the original parfum. It comes in a low, wide round bottle that is gold, glass, and black. There is a gold "cork" so you daub this scent on.

    The scent is not too sweet, someone here described it as a white flower, leather chypre and I think that is apt. I can't help thinking that the earlier review was for the new Prada, ...
  5. My new love: Esperys by LT Piver

    Ok, it really should be an old love. This is my review of Esperys (1903), which will appear in due time on basenotes directory.

    I have a vintage sample of Esperys EDT by Piver, although I am not sure of the date of manufacture. I have done some online research and have discovered that the perfumer is husband of Piver heiress Berta Piver, M. Jacques Rouché along with chemist Georges Darzens.

    Jacques Rouché besides being the head of Piver, and the creator of several ...

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