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  1. exploring Comme des Garcons

    The next house I want to tackle is Comme des Garcons. I have White and enjoy it a lot (probably need a backup, actually). I find it to be extremely versatile, being fresh and light for the spring, but also warm and spicy for cooler weather. Yes, I tend to wear different scents in different seasons, although I understand not everyone does.

    So far I've sampled the orginial eau de parfum, the newer eau de parfum, 2, 2 Man, Artek Standard, and......I guess that's it.


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  2. Egoiste "vintage"

    This isn't quite a review, just my thoughts on my particular bottle of vintage Egoiste.

    I loved my Egoiste mini which was bought new, and lots of people seem to think the vintage formulation was better or much better, especially the sandalwood note. I looked for a bottle on Ebay, from a seller with strong feedback, and took the plunge.

    My experience has been interesting. At first I thought, everyone is right, this is better than the current formula, more dense. But ...
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  3. My experience with Fahrenheit

    I never owned Dior's Fahrenheit, until today.

    I used to know a guy who wore it and it was a time in my life that I don't particularly want to think about. It's such a distinctive scent that I knew it would bring back memories, but I do remember that I liked it, so I finally gave it another chance.

    I tested it on a strip and it smelled nothing like what I remembered, nothing! So I read about it some more and read reviews, and some people did say that it wasn't all ...
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