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    Good idea with buying smaller amounts. It's hard to finish a bottle without getting sick of it at the end. And if you have several different scents in your rotation it could be many years before you've emptied a bottle. There are very few I've been able to polish off - Gendarme and Trumper Portugal are the only ones.
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    Sorry NDN you are way behind the times! The Arboretum I sold at least 2 months ago. I've decided that Colton's Nine Flags are ridiculously priced when I find them, so that too is old news. But catch my newest weblogs on Guides to Buying for Newcomers. And thanks for the kind remarks.
  3. NDN-01's Avatar

    I've been reading your work here and am very much impressed with the methodology you are approaching this hobby with. I look forward to reading more.

    If you still want to get rid of the Arboretum send me a message. I'd be glad to take it off you hands.

    As a side note, I found a complete full set of the Colton's Nine Flags that you mentioned in your first blog post. They want to start bidding at $999.00. Akkk!!!


  4. Saintpaulia's Avatar
    Thank you. I spent some time on it, so am glad it is appreciated.

    Regarding your "how-abouts", obviously there are many, many more violet scents out there, either "soliflores" or not. It was not my intention to try to "smell every violet in the World", and by the time I figured out how many there are, I saw how difficult it would be to do a good survey. Besides others had already done that (q.v. Muse).

    So I just mentioned some of the ones noted by others, incl. some you cited above. And then transformed the whole excercise into a guide for beginners instead, i.e. 'on how to go about researching any fragrance'. Afterall you know how many posts there are on Just Starting Out that basically ask, "What should I do? What should I wear? How can I make choices? How will I ever figure this out?" etc.

    Thanks for wishing me luck on my search, but that is not really what I am doing now.
    Cheers to you and to all those violet lovers out there!
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    Nice write up, good summary of your personal perceptions.

    How about non-soliflores with a prominent violet note? Borsari Bouquet de Violettes and Guerlain Apres L'Ondee?

    My favorite is Violettes de Toulouse by Masion Henri Berdoues (not di Parma) in EdP form (which is sweeter and longer-lasting than EdT -- lighter and zestier). They also have Violette Cherrie and Violettes Divines.

    Good luck in your search.
  6. Attar's Avatar
    Yeah I have just started writing my own blogs so i am an amateur at best (never written a blog before) but you inspire me to write more.
  7. Saintpaulia's Avatar
    You're welcome! It was a fun excercise in writing - to see if I can still do it halfway decent.
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    I enjoyed reading this blog and found it very interesting..I also have a background in horticulture and botany but i am fairly new to the world of the perfume making but i think my passion for plants and raw materials fueled my desire to learn more about the process... thank you for sharing your thoughts.
  9. profumi's Avatar
    I agree with everything SaintPaulia has said here, all so sad. I made the mistake of buying Emeraude and l'origan because even though I knew these were reformulations I hoped that they might have some of that Coty sparkle left in them - how wrong I was, absolutely dreadful and I am using them as toilet air freshners, they are not wearable. I am however fortunate to have a vintage bottle of L'aimant, pure bliss! I just want the old stuff back ... please.
  10. Laureline's Avatar
    Thank you for all the nice reading !
    Are those vintages still in good shape ? If they are surely interesting and 'nose expanding' are they also wearable ? I have myself a reformulation of an older chypre, and still the moss (oakmoss or not) is a bit much at times in its bitterness against the white floral heart. Yet I really like it, and there are moments when I love it.
    Please dont leave us in suspense any more about the original Coty's !
  11. Saintpaulia's Avatar
    After posting this blog entry, I received a helpful email from the seller of this trio. She is pretty sure that these items were made in the 1970s and I edited the post to reflect that information.
    Updated 9th June 2011 at 05:57 PM by Saintpaulia
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    I think that I will not use the blog feature any more for my "New Member Continuation" thoughts. It just seems arsey-versey to me. But the blog can be used effectively, I believe, in such things as the stand-alone essay I wrote this evening (see "Original or Classical Fragrances"). And thanks for your comment.
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    A blog on any site, not just BN, always has the most recent entries are at the top. That's because people are "following" it and they've probably already read the earlier entries. It's not like a book where you start at Chapter 1. See Now Smell This or PerfumeShrine for examples. I'm sorry it's not familiar to you, but it will be familiar to many. You should write in the format that's most comfortable for you, though. Since most people use the "what's new" feature, they can still get to the most recent entries in your continuation thread if you put your reviews in there instead.

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