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  1. (vent) Noir de Noir: Tom Ford vs Catherine

    I've exhausted all my resources now. I have personally emailed:

    The Perfume Court, Beauty Encounter, FragranceNet, Selfridges, Nordstorm, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Lucky Scent, Tom Ford (twice, and with no answer which I find amusing), Harrods, House of Fraser and there might be more but I forget. Of course I've been checking ebay too for the last couple of months and it's never there. I googled every single stockist and even if they didn't stock it, I emailed them anyway ...

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  2. Pang of Nostalgia

    I really do hate silence. It allows memories to flood my brain and oftentimes I would rather them stay in the past than bother me in the present. Not because the memories are necessarily bad (in fact most are good) but because they are no longer physically accessible to me. I think, recall, process, dream and imagine things very vividly. Still, a person never gets back time. The ever illusive treasure of our lives.

    So today while I was laying there silently, my trip to the Mediterranean ...

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  3. Dancing with Diptyque

    Above is my Diptyque candle collection. And that doesn't include my 15oz D.L. & Co. Thorn Apple candle. Once again, I have gathered all of these within the last month. My love for scents is sky rocketing and to tell you the truth, I never add up how much I have spent on such things otherwise I would be horrified and disgusted with myself. Thankfully I have Basenotes to rely on and can confess my fragrant ...

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  4. A Fragrant Affair

    I'm currently having a love affair with Tom Ford Private Blends. Within the past three weeks I have managed to get my hands on: Noir de Noir 50ml, Black Violet 100ml, Tobacco Vanille 50ml and Neroli Portofino 50ml (birthdays are fun, aren't they!). Noir de Noir being my absolute favourite parfum in the entire world. It makes me buckle at the knees with sheer delight, shout out praises and sniff my wrists all day long.

    The nearly opaque brown and gold bottle screams opulence and true, ...

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