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  1. random realisation

    Just a quick diversion from my monotonous accounting job to note a startling CB I Hate Perfume coincidence wearing a sample of Beach and have taken Beautiful Launderette with me to work to use as my office spray..hows that?
  2. Apres L'ondee ebay

    Fingers crossed this is not a bad decision..have bought a bottle for AU $155 Advert as follows:

    This is a brand new (but sprayed a few times) bottle of Guerlain Apres L'ondee Eau de Toilette 100mL.
    The item is still in the box however the cellophane has been taken off and the bottle has been sprayed a few times to try. I have found that the perfume in this EDT form is too light for my skin and will not last. I am selling as I know that this perfume is coveted by many
  3. The scent of Blue- A Poem about Perfume

    A link to novelist Catherine Czerwaska's sweet poem
    Love it
  4. CB i hate perfume

    Can't believe I found a stockist in sleepy Perth that has his perfumes : )
    Planning a trip out there on Saturday..really want a bottle of At the beach, and maybe Snow? Going to sniff them all until my nose gives in
    Its a boutique called Meg and Wally..which could be lethal to my credit card
    Who needs food anyway LOL
  5. USPS so annoyed !!!!!!

    I had a large order coming from TPC, I received half of the packages but the damn USPS lost the rest...someone is wearing over $200 worth of samples that don't belong to them!
    Has this happened to anyone else's orders?
    I was going to place more orders, but now..maybe not : ((
    Heres the short email i got back from TPC :

    It appears the USPS has lost/misplaced your packages. I have advised the owners to reship one time at our expense. ...
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