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  2. kumquat's Avatar
    Mitsouko didn't do it for you? Did you have vintage parfum? That's quite something.

    For a cheap thrill, check out Houbigant- Aperçu still out there on the Internet. And for a more expensive , but flawlessly creamy, dreamy ride, try ​Profumum- Rosae Mundi.
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    Thanks for the recs Ursula and Jujy54.
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    Oh, I just love "Caline" - fond memories are attached.

    Re: Chypres - you may wish to examine the "Chypre Mousse" by Oriza L. Legrand and "Chypre Palatin" by MDCI Paris.
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    Isn't it something how that "one" will come and get you? For me, at least in the warm weather, it's Weil de Weil. Not sure whether it qualifies as chypre, but, oh, is it ever green. My first bottle was a gift form a friend's mother, and I rediscovered as part of the fragrance journey I've taken up in the past 5 years or so/
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    Oh, my, I just came across this blog entry. Beauxvbatons13 sat down next to me, and the rest is perfume history and friendship! (I had just bought Mayotte at Bergdorf).
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    I've been thinking of blind buying that one. I wonder what a summer, icy version of Insolence would be like. It sounds like it could be very nice.
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    Insolence Eau Glacee....need to try that one
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    So lovely and romantic-

    Anais Anais is the fragrance I wore on my wedding day! Perfect- it was late winter, just on the verge of spring (March 10)
  10. pansylady's Avatar
    Guerlain Insolence eau Glacee

    Prada Infusion d'Iris Parfum Absolue

    Diptyque Olene

    DSQUARED Crystal Creek Wood
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    I do like Redneck Perfumisto's response... I must agree that trains are terribly romantic. For the introspective, they tend to give much to muse about, so that a good part of any train journey is spent in a sort of reverie. Perhaps it is because of the timeless quality of reverie that I do not perceive time's arrow upon trains. To view them as a moving stage that reaches its destination despite the near-motionlessness (and often the theatrical masks!) of its passengers is, however, a charming image.

    How easily can fragrances be enigmatic or alluring in this context. I suppose there is a slight wistfulness to trains, in that one is surrounded by strangers with whom one shares space strangely, being near yet remote. This mood is ideally receptive to such thoughts.
  12. Beauxbatons13's Avatar
    I got introduced to perfume for the first time while on a train, going from New York to Cleveland this summer.
  13. Fleurine's Avatar
    Oh my gosh, what beautiful responses! Thank you so much redneck! Now I am in hot pursuit of A Brief Encounter...I can already feel a new obsession coming on...

  14. lilybelle's Avatar
    I think trains are romantic, too. The experience of being between destinations, taken out of your ordinary life, watching the world go by while you are in your own little "time's arrow" as Redneck says. It's all so attractive and magical.
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    Oh yes. Our friend above is so erudite that I wouldn't dare to try to add anything, but can I ride on his wave and second all that he has said!!

    Thanks both.

    *sigh* too.

    Oh, and I am off to dig out my copy of Brief Encounter. Stations are the beginning of the journey......
  16. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    I think that trains are just inescapably romantic. Everything from children's choo-choo stories to mysteries, from romances to runaway train dramas - there is something fascinating about a stage that has its own destination. The idea that - doing nothing at all - we end up someplace else. It's as if time's arrow becomes easier to see and more thrilling when there is a spatial component.

    But perfume? I think it's the idea that people are somehow forced into each other's presence - a room (or set of rooms) that you can't leave. The stage is set - the characters are all there - and action ensues! There is nowhere for the man to run from the fragrant beauty who he can't resist!

    I remember my first case of being smitten on a train - in the sixth grade on a field trip. I developed a mad crush on a girl from another class who was riding ahead of me. Never forgot her. We were too young for perfume or cologne, but I really think the train added to her aura. To this day I remember almost everything about her.

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    I think I am going put on Anais Anais and listen to Crowded House simultaneously...
  18. Fleurine's Avatar
    Oh no...spilling Boudoir is memorable. I have spilled 2 full bottles in my life time, a bottle of Issey Miyake, not to terrible, and a bottle of In Love Again (sniff, sniff). The fragrance is ever after stuck in your nose after that.
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    This one unleashes all sorts of fond memories for me, too.
  20. odioustoilet's Avatar
    You want High Scholl memories? Try a very awesome song like Hang On by Crowded House!
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