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  1. In my sitting room on New Years Day

    I can smell the Christmas tree. The pine needles have started to fall and the smell of pine is getting ever stronger. Not sure if it really is stronger now than the day we first brought it into the house before Christmas. I had the flu that week and was sad that I couldn't smell the tree. I couldn't smell anything for ages. It was awful. Then I remembered the morning my smell came back. What was the first thing I smelled? Well we have a 2 year old boxer dog who tends to be a bit windy...ok too much ...

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  2. In my kitchen Wednesday Night I can smell...

    A clean kitchen, dinner is cleaned away and I can smell a lemony clean smell . It's refreshing. I can smell the amber base I have on my wrists. I am playing around with labdanum, benzoin and vanilla. I like wearing the results just on it's own. I am still wearing my coat because I just got in. I can still smell the fresh air. It's funny but the dishwasher is running and the noise it is making seems to be interfering with my ability to smell. How weird is that? Is sound and smell related? I can also ...

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  3. in my kitchen Monday night in November I can smell...

    The dinner we had tonight of aduki beans, brown rice, onions and tamari.
    Fresh bread.
    Our dog
    The floor, the cold tiles and the muddy paw prints and foot prints.
    The damp cold night air coming through the sliding glass doors, even though they are double glazed and shut.
    Cars outside even though that is impossible and my senses are simply confused.
    The ticking of the clock and the time going past.
    Myself, I am wearing very little perfume, I smell of ...

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