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  1. I Smell. . . Like Puking

    In different threads in the forums section of Basenotes, I had seen some women mentioning how their scent preferences changed during pregnancy. And even some men had anecdotes about their female partner's sensibilities during pregnancy. In particular, I remembered how some women found scents that they previously enjoyed to be nauseating. I thought to myself, "How sad!" But it didn't quite click in my head, "That could happen to you, hon."

    Except, maybe about ...

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  2. I Smell. . . 1985

    Well, it has started. I had heard the stories, and seen my own friends in the throes of it. But today. . . Yes today, I discovered that it *is* possible to simultaneously feel like one is starving at the same time that one wants to vomit.

    So for the past two weeks since I have discovered I am pregnant, I have been avoiding strong smells. I have no idea why. I wasn't nauseous really, until. . . about yesterday, it started. A vague feeling like, "Hrm. Is that reflux? Or ...
  3. I Smell. . . Old

    What does it mean to smell "old"?

    There've been a couple of threads in the forums about this topic, and it seems like such a touchy one.

    TDDanae's "Hurt Old Lady" thread was closed because it had become controversial, I think.

    LedByMyNose's thread "Old Lady! Teenybopper! Ballbusting Exec!" led to a discussion of ageism.

    I noticed that even guys' reviews of fragrances sometimes say "for old men." ...
  4. I Smell. . . Stability

    Again, it seems I'm using this web log as a confessional. Someone else on this website (perhaps odysseusm) said that learning about perfumes is another way of learning about oneself. And I guess that's true -- that there are many analogies to be made with any hobby, which can be applied to other aspects of life.

    I'm not quite sure when I started posting to the Scent of the Day thread. Honestly, at first I found it rather weird to post what I was wearing every day. I was intrigued, ...
  5. I Smell. . . Challenge

    This week and last week (and actually the week before that. . . no actually this whole YEAR) has been really challenging for me. Work has kept me busy and leaves very little time for sampling, or devoting myself to trying new things.

    I find that sampling things takes effort. I want to have the time to write my impressions as I am impressed. And these days, I rarely have a long moment to myself. So trying new scents becomes difficult.


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