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  1. I Smell. . . But Only Sometimes

    I just don't understand it. I realized this morning that my stank is only detectable by my husband when I'm wearing women's perfumes. Perhaps others may have insight into this puzzle.

    I used to own a bottle of Chanel Allure (the EdT, not the EdP), given to me by my mother. I didn't like it. And neither did my husband. One spray, and both of us were heading for the door. I gave that bottle away recently.

    Chanel Cristalle (EdP, not the EdT): I don't know what happened, ...

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  2. I Smell. . . Anonymity

    Someone recently gave me the gift of a sample of something I'd never have been able to buy anywhere I live. It has no name. I don't even know what's really in it! ('Kinda dangerous actually, like accepting candy from strangers.) It's so lovely, and it's frustrating to like it so much, and to not be able to describe what it is so that someone else can say, "Ooh! I like that too!"

    It's kinda like seeing a community production of "Camelot," and knowing the actors ...
  3. I Smell. . . Differently

    I had the opportunity to meet a fellow Basenotes member last week. It was really fun to meet someone who enjoys sampling scents as much as I do. The meeting left me with a feeling of awe for the kind of people who take the time to log into the Basenotes community and share their knowledge and information about the scents they have tried.

    It's gone now from the board homepage, but I believe there was a quip at the top for a while that said something about "slowly connecting ...

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  4. I Smell. . . Plum Wine

    This web log is becoming more of a confessional than a journal. Well, they say confession is good for the soul. And confessionals provide anonymity to those who are confessing. So, I keep who I am confidential.

    Someone posted a quote on a recent thread in the forums:

    "Above all else, a perfume must smell good."

    A lot of people said, "Duh, that's self-explanatory." And then, someone else said, something that made me wince, cuz it ...

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  5. I Smell. . . Like a Hypocrite

    Just last week, I was chuckling at one of my coworkers. She had just told me she and her brother both keep an extra bottle of their favorite fragrance in their car. In their car? In the Texas heat? And who needs an extra bottle anyway? "For freshening up," she said, "of course!"

    Of course. Whatever. I'm not keeping any extra bottle in *my* car.

    Twice this week, I've left the house and forgotten to do my little happy spritz of my latest crush. ...

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