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  1. Exactly One Year!

    Well! One year's gone by since the last time I wrote in this blog.
    (Searching ... )
    What can I blame this on? (Searching ... ) Eh, who cares?
    So it's 2009, a new year is upon us and with it comes a distinct lack of space in my bathroom medicine cabinet! :bounce:
    But, oh woe! With the new year comes a distinct lack of space in my bathroom cabinet!

    I've added quite a number of good frags to my wardrobe since last January so I think a good subject for each ...
  2. Scents

    What is it about perfume that continues to endure through the ages? My simple answer is because humans stink. Bad.

    And girl humans don't like that. Girl humans make fun of other girl humans who stink and boy humans who want to get with girl humans think they'd better smell better because the usual methods (club over the head) no longer work.

    So when some enterprising soul found that rubbing sage leaves over the most offensive parts seemed to help girl humans smell less,

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