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  1. RIP, Alexander McQueen...

    I just can't find any word expressing my shock and sadness...
  2. Quick list of some vintage scents

    Gelle Freres:
    - Aubepine
    - Chypre (sweet green scents, fresh, guess no oakmoss/vetiver?)
    - Chevrefeuille
    - Santal (a bit harsh at first, then settlels down on skin quickly, very soft and just like the sandlewood soap I used in my childhood)

    on the way...

    - Espace / parfum
    - Sandrine / parfum

    will review the Cheramy two later
  3. Rose Hates Me! It Hates Me....

    Finally, I've got the conclusion... Yes, rose hates me. Damask rose, Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose, Tea rose... they all turn on my skin!


    Several monthes ago, while shopping with a friend, we found a small shop was selling Lacome's Mille et Une Roses. My friend gave it a try, and it turned out to be gorgeous on her: smooth, tender, classy yet modern, graceful but no dull feeling at all, a cheerful scent. She bought it right away, and sent me a decant later. ...
  4. Hanatsubaki 2008 by Shiseido

    Hanatsubaki, the very first perfume from Shiseido, came out in 1917.
    Before reading words about Hanatsubaki on various sites, I always thought that Zen is Shiseido's first perfume, but actually, Zen is the first perfume that Shiseido sold towards western market.
    At Shiseido's website, there's original Hanatsubaki's picture, you can read it here

    I got a Hanatsubaki replica today, from an online bid. It's called "2008 Hanatsubaki", 25ml in EdP. The seller said, ...
  5. Guerlain

    This time is Heritage de Guerlain, a 4ml(or maybe 5ml) EDT mini without box. The bottle is gorgeous, but the juice I'm not sure whether it is authentic or fake. It smells quite smokey, but seems not last long.

    Pics again took with Nikon D40

    Updated 11th July 2008 at 07:55 AM by sophywt (edit)

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