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    I love this post! It makes much more sense when one knows the "why" behind the reason!
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    Hey Baldufita! I know I'm a little late with my reply, but I haven't been on that much lately with school kicking my butt and all lol. I understand about the scrubbing. This is one of the reasons why I soak in the tub for as long as I can stand it. The longer you soak, the easier it is to get all that dead skin off. You can actually roll it up with your hand after soaking for a while. I take my nails across my skin to see how loose my skin has gotten. So, you don't have to scrub too hard or too many times. I just love the way my gloves feel. I just love to scrub. My skin feels soooooo amazing afterwards, like butter lol. I think that if I showered at night I would probably wait and apply my frag in the morning. I would apply it and then maybe a light application of lotion. If you like to put it on before you sleep, then just apply another few sprays. Hopefully you'll wake up wanting to wear what you wore to bed lol. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

    Hey Trapper! I actually have the same thing happen with some of my frags when I put on my Jergens. It doesn't smell that nice to begin with. The good thing is that it only lasts for like about 10 minutes and then you have no trace of the Jergens and my perfume goes back to smelling like I like it. Most scented lotions don't have enough fragrance in them to last that long. They usually fade away. Perfumed lotions last much longer because they are scented much heavier. I'm pretty sure they add a bit of the actual fragrance to the lotion too, which would allow the scent of the lotion to last longer. I don't have the fortune of going without lotion. I have to wear lotion or it would be a dust cloud trailing behind me lol. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

    Hey Reine!! Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you took the time to test out my method. I'm sitting here right now getting wonderful whiffs of my perfume and I just love it. I keep a sweatshirt in my locker here at work. I love when I open my locker and I can smell the perfume in my sweatshirt. You would think it would be awful with all the different perfumes I wear, but it really does smell good. The whole sweatshirt just smells like perfume thanks to my application method no doubt lol. That's what I love most about my application method. You just get perfume all over your upper body and it tranfers to your clothes. You smell good. Your clothes smell good. Life is good! Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog and put it to the test.
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    3xasif LOL! Girl I am one greasy chick. I can not stand for any part of my body to be dry anywhere. I'm so glad that you enjoyed my blog. Let me know how it turns out for you

    telecaster thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I'm so glad it works out for you. I keep trying to tell folks "Diva" knows what she's talking about lol. Spread the word now.
  4. telecaster's Avatar
    AMAZING! Thanks for sharing your method of application. I've been using your method for over a month. This works so well! I have normal to dry skin and it helps my skin and allows me to enjoy my cologne more thoroughly! It has become my daily application routine!

    Thanks again!
  5. Jane Daly's Avatar
    I love your 2 articles!! I really thought I was the only one who moisturized like a fool. Friends and my children roll their eyes, me and my Palmers Cocobutter rich cream & lotion combo and then add Bio Oil....or Nuxe oil....but you better bet I am getting myself some Eucerin now!

    Your articles are fantastic and I cannot wait to do the apply perfume to wet skin trick. Genius!!

    Thank you for writing!!
  6. Larwiz's Avatar
    You really had me rolling @ Lawd where do they come up with this stuff LMAO!! Ask these people if they spray air freshner in the air and stand there and hold the cloud so it doesn't move and wait for the room to walk through it LOL!!

    Too funny!
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    TricsMan I actually don't 'mix' them together as in combining them. I apply the Aveda oil to my damp skin. I never measure the amount I use. I do pull that stopper out they have for the bottle. I usually just pour out enough to fit in the little cup area I make with one hand. I rub my hands together and spead it all over my upper body using the water left on my skin from the shower. Afterwards I apply the Baby Magic lotion.

    I find that Baby Magic smells wonderful when blended with woodsy/oriental type frags. Unlike most 'scented' lotions, Baby Magic's scent tends to last longer than most 'perfumed' lotions. Well, it lasts on me anyway. So, try it out with some of your favorite woodsy/spicy/oriental frags. It's fun trying out new combos. I have made some wonderful concoctions by experimenting with different frags, oils, and lotions.

    So, I apply all frags and oils directly to my skin. I use the lotion afterwards.
  8. TricsMan's Avatar
    Do you mix the AVEDA Patchouli Oil with the Baby Magic for convenience in applying, and if so, how much oil (drops) to how much lotion (ounces)?

    Thanks for sharing your tips on application and skin care!
  9. Divatologist's Avatar
    The moisturizer won't cover the scent. It's hard to explain kind of, but here we go. The moisturizer and the perfume are obsorbed into your skin. Throughout the course of the day your body secretes oils onto the skin. Now, how much the body secretes determines one's skin type eg: dry, oily, combination, etc. No matter what the skin type, everyone's body goes through this. This is what I was referring to when I mentioned body chemistry and how no matter how long you staid in the tub or how hard you scrubbed you can't wash this away. How this helps in my application method is, The skin absorbs the perfume, then it's protected by a layer of lotion, and then you add another application of perfume. See, part of the perfume is absorbed and part just evaporates over time. As your 2nd application fades/evaporates, your first application will reappear throughout the day by means of your own body's secretion. That's where your longevity comes in. Your well absorbed layer will inch it's way out in your secretions giving you bursts of fragrance throughout the day. Putting on lotion is not like wrapping your body in plastic. Your fragrance will still shine through. If you're wearing the lotion that comes with your frag, then it will be that much better. Most lotions are lightly scented or unscented, but not scented enough to interfere with your frag. Well, not in my case anyway. I use Jergens Ultra Healing and that scent has never lasted more than 10 mins on me. It doesn't alter the scent of my frag because it's not a "perfumed lotion". It's just scented. There's a difference between the 2.
  10. mickey4paws's Avatar
    Very interesting, especially about putting the scent on first, then the moisturizer. I will definitely try it out tomorrow after my shower. One question though, doesn't the scent of the moisturizer cover up the perfume?
  11. Divatologist's Avatar
    I use Jergens Ultra Healing. It's for very dry skin, but it's not greasy at all. I mix this with Eucerin Intensive Repair. The Eucerin is greasy, but mix it with the Jergens leaves a glow instead of a greasy mess. Don't worry about the scent of the Jergens. It doesn't last more than 20 mins.
  12. silverbullet's Avatar
    I have dry skin but don't like that oily, greasy feeling after moisturizing, any suggestions? BTW, I use Dove moisturing bath soap for sensitive skin.
  13. angelica's Avatar
    Hilarious! And useful too.Thanks!
  14. Divatologist's Avatar
    No, sunnyfunny I'm not a dermatologist, but I am in school for nursing. I have a touch of OCD lol. It's just years of trial and error. I finally came upon a formula that works. Let me know how it works out for you. Thank you for taking the time to read it.
  15. Sunnyfunny's Avatar
    Great reads, now maybe my No. 5 will last more than two and a half hours! Diva, are you a dermatologist??
  16. Divatologist's Avatar
    Thank you so much for reading my blog guys. I hope that some of my tips help you to enjoy your fragrance even more than you ever have before. I truly believe that well exfoliated skin, longevity, and sillage are a definite when wanting to get the most out of a fragrance. It doesn't hurt that while you're smelling good, your skin looks absolutely amazing. Check my pics in the 'off topic' forum and you'll see why they call me "Glow". Ain't no airbrushing goin on round here. Diva is comfortable in her own skin and the skin looks and smells gooooood lol. Let me know how it turns out for you down the line. Thanks again.
    Updated 9th April 2009 at 04:56 AM by Divatologist
  17. Divatologist's Avatar
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read it. Beautiful skin and beautiful perfume go hand and hand.
  18. petritheturtle's Avatar
    Thanks so much this was so helpful for me.
  19. Trebor's Avatar

    I just want to thank you for such an enlightening blog entry. It's funny but, for the last few days, I've been trying to figure out how to improve the longevity and sillage of my scents. Applying to my wet body, and rubbing the fragrance into the skin, was one factor I had already considered but your scent-moisturise-scent tip makes perfect sense! Excellent!

    As for washing, I hardly shower - I prefer bathing and have always used a good old flannel to scrub myself down. However, next time, I'll try and scrub myself down more than once or twice. I completely agree with you about the shaving once a month (I do it myself too) but the weekly deep exfoliation will be my main challenge.

    Now, my only problem are the scents I once dismissed because they never lasted long enough on me...

    Once again, many thanks.
  20. gido's Avatar
    people please be aware, dark skin is usually a lot thicker than pale skin.
    scrubbin' is good, but too much is simply too much.
    what works for divatologist might be a little over the top if you have a very delicate skin.

    if you find your perfume does not last long enough, you can also spray it on fabric, like on the inside of a shirt. but before you do, make sure your perfume does not stain (most don't but there are a few exceptions). clothes can hold smells forever, so there you go!

    divatologist, thank you the great posts.
    getting the perfume all over is very nice indeed, i love it.
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