Zara Home launches first personal fragrance line

by Danielle Cooper, 01st February, 2017

Moving from years of experience in the home fragrancing industry, Zara Home have launched a range of six personal fragrances. Launched in 2003, the homewares brand are part of the Inditex Group and are now present on 5 continents and in over 60 countries with more than 500 stores. 

Paris-born New Yorker Fabien Baron represents the company’s vision for the visual aesthetic of the new range and perfumers Alberto Morillas and Jerome Epinette are behind the scent. The brand explains “home is an expression of self - offering an instant glimpse into our style, our memories, our souls. As such, it is the moments we have at home that are among our most poignant. With [this] debut collection of unique personal fragrances, Zara Home transports you to six different lifestyles in scent”.

The six scents are individually coloured but all packaged in the same heavy, cylindrical bottles with magnetic lids and square, embossed coffret. Tonka Wood, in peach blush packaging features bergamot, lily of the valley, tonka bean and praline flower. Floral Mystery in sugar pink, features lotus flower, peony and white woods. Absolutely Sublime comes in a deeper red packaging and contains notes of bergamot, black tea and brown sugar. Aqua Bergamota is in a crisp green bottle and accented coffret and features more bergamot, neroli and pamplewood. Cuir Velvet comes in understated grey and is a very marine scent also featuring lemon, ginger and patchouli. Evitorial Twist comes in blue packaging with notes of sage, ginger and cardamom.

All scents will retail at £29.99 for 100ml and be available through Zara Home stores.


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      • hednic | 1st February 2017 12:03

        Aqua Bergamota and Cuir Velvet sound like nice ones.

      • ceaiu | 1st February 2017 15:18

        Saw them last month... bottles looked really nice with magnetic caps and thick glass.

        Since they're made by Zara Home, I was thinking to get at least one of them, and use it as a room fragrance.

        I briefly tried the Tonka and it was quite pleasant.

      • oakman | 24th March 2017 00:49

        I liked the Tonka best , it reminded me straight away of Vetiver Tonka by Hermes. A really close match for it !

      • Le testeur de parfum | 4th May 2017 21:36

        Anyone tested them seriously? They will be on sale tomorrow so i was thinking about try some (Tonka something, the red and the Bergamota one)