Basenotes Meet-Up :April 8, 2017 SURRENDER TO DENVER

03rd March, 2000

Everyone Is Cordially Invited To...

Why Surrender?

Because our special guest will be Patty White from Surrender to Chance, one of our favorite decanting sources. You may also know Patty from the blog Perfume Posse. If you like, you can place an order with StC by mid-March and Patty will deliver our orders so we can delight in our new samples together. (I've asked Patty to tell us if we need to use special check-out procedures, and will share those details within this post once I've learned them.)

Swapping and sharing

You are encouraged to bring your surplus or formerly loved samples/decants/bottles to share and keep them in circulation. Additionally, some of us may make up samples for each other according to your wardrobe test list. So … UPDATE YOUR TEST LIST!

Planning links

We will also have access to the Cherry Creek Shopping Center for sniffing and shopping.
Here are the shops you’ll find at Cherry Creek. As you may know, you can often find out about the availability of individual products at particular outlets by using the shop's zip code on the webpage of the product you're seeking. For Cherry Creek, that's: 80206

For local transportation references, turn to the rtd-denver trip planner.

For a premarked Google map, click here.

Watch this space for further updates

I've invited Dawn Spencer Hurwitz to join us -- and she said "yes!" See her reply in post #5 below.
Convenient to Cherry Creek mall is the JW Marriott (I have my reservation here for Sat. night, and we can end our afternoon/evening in my room).
As the date draws near, we can choose a place to first meet up and a place to dine for Saturday’s lunch (for individual billing convenience, the food-court-style Renzios Greek Food, might be easiest and their offerings are diverse, but for more of a sit-down affair I see Brio Tuscan Grille as a possibility.
In general, the plan is to shop as a group Saturday at the mall in the morning, have lunch, go across the street to Hermes, then head back to the hotel for a late afternoon and evening of socializing. I have no food suggestions except that each person BYOB, and we could order pizza delivery from Extreme PizzaPlease: Your suggestions and input are welcome. ~ Quarry


Let me know if you’re likely to attend, and I'll add your name to this list. You are not committed to anything by adding your name. It's up to you to reserve your own lodging and show up, but you may want to post details of your intentions and seek out a roommate.

16: Patty White, Quarry, ComDiva, cazaubon, Trilby & sis, FrouFrou, foxbins, thediamondsea, knit at nite, RHM, Whitefluffy, Matildaben, RHM, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz.

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      • Quarry | 1st January 2017 19:03

        Here are my plans thus far …

        TRAVEL: Amtrak. Arriving Saturday morning 7:30, departing Sunday evening 7:00.

        LODGING: Staying at JW Marriott Saturday night. With Whitefluffy as my roommate! Yay!



        Visit Lush to smell Rose Jam shower gel.


        L'Artisan Natura Fabularis: Violaceum

        Houbigant Iris des Champs

        TDC Kimonanthe

        CdG Stephen Jones

        Shay & Blue Almond Cucumber

        Zoologist Civet

        Bags of vials


        Jo Malone Basil & Neroli, Myrrh & Tonka

        Byredo Bal d'Afrique & Belle Tanger

        Nest Black Tulip

        Bulgari Au The Noir

        Chantecaille Le Wild

        Hermes Le Jardin de Monsieur Li

        Hermes Jour d’Hermes Gardenia

        Acqua di Parma Peonia Nobile

        From Now Smell This: [COLOR=#000000]Jo Malone will launch The Bloomsbury Set, a new limited edition collection of five fragrances, in March. Blue Hyacinth, Garden Lilies, Leather & Artemisia, Tobacco & Mandarin and Whisky & Cedarwood were inspired by the Bloomsbury Group and Vanessa Bell's Charleston House in Sussex.[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]


        I'll give my cell # to those who attend, but please note that I am a luddite and do not have texting abilities. My phone looks like this:

      • Quarry | 3rd January 2017 18:08

        You could join us, you know, sjg3839. :rolleyesold:

        Today I wrangled some favorite (and thought long-lost!) photos from the Basenotes Meet-Ups I've attended. Here are some favorite memories from Chicago 2007 & 2009 & 2013, Boston 2010, New Orleans 2011, Portland 2012, Los Angeles 2014.

        If you lurkers haven't decided to join us in Denver, these happy scenes may push you over the edge.


      • Quarry | 3rd January 2017 22:32

        DAWN SPENCER HURWITZ replies:

        I'd love to join you and I will just have to look over the details to see how I can get that on my schedule. I'll also put it out there that I'd love to have everyone come visit my studio in Boulder. It's not that far from Denver and it would be amazing. We should have some new mini shows open in my little ArtScent Museum project for you to check out while you're here. <3

        Thank you soo much for the invite and I will be in touch.

        Happy New Year to you all and I look forward to seeing you guys in the Spring!

        All my best,


      • Quarry | 3rd January 2017 22:41

        JW MARRIOTT: Options 1 and 2 are out, and I don't know if we'll have the 10-room minimum, but here's their reply:

        Thank you so much for your interest in the JW Marriott for a room block. I am pleased to offer you a discounted rate of $229 per night the weekend of April 7[SUP]th[/SUP].

        When booking a courtesy room block with us, please note that we have 3 options to consider:


      • Guest rooms with a hosted event(s) at the JW Marriott Cherry Creek

      · We would be happy to offer a contracted courtesy room block with a signed catering contract.

      · A courtesy room block incurs no financial responsibility for the guest room pick up.

      · A signed Agreement is required to block the rooms at the discounted rate

      · You’ll work closely with the Block Manager to help manage the block, keep an eye on guest room pickup, assist with transportation arrangements, etc.

      · Guests may make reservations up until 30 days prior to the beginning of their stay. Your Block Manager will send you a reminder about 10 days before the Cutoff Date to make sure that all last-minute reservations are made in time.

      2. Guest rooms only without an event at the JW Marriott Cherry Creek

      · Minimum of 10 guest rooms per night, contracted and held out of the hotel’s general inventory

      · 80% Attrition

      o Attrition means that you are financially responsible if less than 80% of the block books. For example, if 6 out of 10 rooms book, you are responsible for the remaining 2 rooms. If 8 out of 10 rooms book, you are not responsible for anything

      · A signed contract is required to block the rooms at the discounted room block rate

      · You’ll work closely with the Block Manager to help manage the block, keep an eye on guest room pickup, assist with transportation arrangements, etc.

      · Guests may make reservations up until 30 days prior to the beginning of their stay. Your Block Manager will send you a reminder about 10 days before the Cutoff Date to make sure that all last-minute reservations are made in time.

      3. Discounted Guest Room Rate, available based on availability

      · No guarantee required

      · No signed contract is required and no rooms are blocked out of the hotel’s inventory

      · Guests may make reservations at the discounted rate 30 days prior to the beginning of their stay.

      · There is no guarantee that the rate will be available until that date.

      I’d love the opportunity to discuss some options in greater detail and answer any questions that you have! Once confirmed, I will provide you with a personalized link where your guests can make their reservations. We’re happy to make an effort to assign rooms in close vicinity, but cannot guarantee that we can fulfill the request. Please note that rates are subject to change until confirmed.

      I look forward to speaking with you soon!

      Leorah Young

      Social Catering Sales Manager

      JW Marriott Denver Cherry Creek

      150 Clayton Lane Denver, CO 80206 | P: 303.253.3092 | F: 303.253.3049 |

    • foxbins | 4th January 2017 23:27

      Yes, it looks like option 3 is the best bet. I'd love to see Dawn's studio but I hadn't planned on renting a car (flying in from Portland, I'm taking Uber or public transportation from the airport.) I suppose if enough wanted to go we could rent a van.

    • shadesofbleu | 5th January 2017 00:49

      The airport is about 25 miles from Denver and taxis are terrible expensive. Found this on

      Fares to all other metro area destinations are based on the taxicab's meter. For example, a one-way taxicab ride from the airport to Cherry Creek Shopping Center (near downtown Denver) typically costs $62 to $70, plus a $4.57 airport access fee for each metered taxi trip.

      Uber estimates are $26-33 for UberPool and $30-40 for UberX

    • Quarry | 5th January 2017 01:05

      S~h~a~d~e~s (I'm singing your name in two notes teasingly), whatcha doing in this thread? Are you toying with the idea of a day in Denver? SAY YES.

      Hey, whatever you guys want to figure out. I'm more than happy not to be responsible for everything.

    • shadesofbleu | 5th January 2017 03:51

      possibly ...

      I went to Denver a few years ago for a training class. I didn't realize the price for taxis and did not budget near enough ... didn't want anyone else to have such a huge surprise. (This was before the days of Uber)

    • Quarry | 5th January 2017 14:57

      For simply getting from the airport or train station, the trip planner link in post #1 above is pretty helpful. There's train service from the outlying airport that takes flyers to the downtown train station. From there, there's a bus that goes right to Cherry Creek mall, and the Marriott is just down the block. You can buy train and bus tickets from a machine at the airport or ride using cash (exact change). A bus ride is $2.60. (

      This doesn't help with the possible group travel to Patty's StC perfume room (we were invited there, too) or Dawn's HQs in Boulder, but I just wanted to make sure to call peoples' attention to these less costly modes of getting around.


    • RHM | 5th January 2017 17:30

      I'm checking in.....I don't think Cindy (that's my frag-sibling) will be coming with me. She's heavily involved with K9 for Warriors & can't get time away.

      So I've got Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday off. I'm flying in from St. Louis via Southwest, Is anyone else going to be around Thursday or Friday? I'd like to know within the next 7 days, so I can buy my tickets & make the room reservation.

      Also, I'm very excited to see Dawn again....just adore that woman! I don't think I've met Patty, unless it was in the early days of the Karen & Karen show aka Sniffapalooza.

      Hermes has always been a favorite house of mine, so I plan much sniffing there. Mike...don't they have a new addition to the Eau des Merveilles line? I thought I saw a new blue bottle in a recent article.

      So happy to join all of you! (Shades, honey, I hope you can make it!)

    • foxbins | 5th January 2017 23:33

      RHM, it looks like I'll be flying in Friday night. The flight lands at 8pm, but I probably won't get to Cherry Creek until 9. We could meet up then--I'll be on Pacific time, so it'll feel early to me.

    • Grant | 6th January 2017 14:41

      I've stickied this thread -- this looks awesome you guys, and make sure you all report back :)

    • Quarry | 6th January 2017 20:38

      A trillion kisses, Grant. The nice, hygienic "air" kind, from Auntie Quarry.

    • Trilby Lark | 8th January 2017 00:15

      I plan to arrive in Denver on Thursday morning and rent a car. I want to go to Boulder on Thursday or Friday for some sightseeing and to visit Dawn's studio. I can give 2-3 people a ride. Anyone interested?

    • mikeperez23 | 8th January 2017 04:03

      RHM not sure about a new Hermes EdM - the last one was the Amber one...I think. Hermes' last releases were the 2 colognes (Rhubard and Neroli) and the new Galop. Plus the last Hermessence Muguet Porcelaine

      I will probably come in Friday night & leave Sunday

    • RHM | 8th January 2017 16:14

      Me, me , me...jumping up & down!!! YES, please!

      ROAD TRIP! Love it!

    • RHM | 8th January 2017 16:15

      And will be joining you!

    • Trilby Lark | 12th January 2017 00:02

      Update on excursion to Boulder to visit Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Studio and ArtScent Museum:

      So far, RHM and Foxbins have expressed interest in an excursion to Boulder. My sister and I will pick up a rental car at the Denver airport on Thursday, April 6 at approximately noon. If anyone is interested in staying at the historic Boulderado Hotel on Thursday night we can head straight to Boulder from the airport. Otherwise, we can go to Boulder on Friday, departing from the JW Marriott (Cherry Creek) sometime in the morning. I would like to firm up plans on Monday, if possible.

      Queries for Quarry:

      1. Does the proposed DSH visit interfere with anything you have discussed with Dawn?

      2. Is there a code or procedure to obtain the discounted rate at the Marriott?

      This is so exciting!

    • Quarry | 12th January 2017 00:43

      Trilby, when you folks began making extra plans, I emailed Dawn and invited her to weigh in on this thread to coordinate with those who want to visit her on Friday.


      We would need everybody to confirm they're going to use the Marriott Friday and/or Saturday nights to make headway with the Marriott coordinator.

      [SIZE=5]Is everyone ready to commit and say for which nights you want a reservation?

    • mikeperez23 | 12th January 2017 01:15

      At this time I'm not interested in the Marriott Quarry, I have alternative accommodations I'm working on

    • Trilby Lark | 12th January 2017 01:31

      I hope this will not preclude Dawn visiting with the rest of the group on Saturday. I was under the impression that we were not planning to visit Dawn's studio. Was there a thought that everyone would travel to Boulder on Saturday? If so, I'll be happy to wait. Thank you, Quarry!

    • Quarry | 12th January 2017 02:30

      No, only you few were mentioning a Boulder visit prior to the weekend. I thought Dawn should know how some were making additional plans.

      I wouldn't be surprised if we failed to get a commitment from attendees in time or in sufficient numbers to get the hotel discount. I've experienced cat herding patterns with these things in the past.

      F.Y.I. I've told Patty that she can tell Perfume Posse readers about the meet-up. Don't know if that'll generate any additional interest.

    • Trilby Lark | 12th January 2017 03:57

      Herding cats... that's great! My sister and I will share a room at JW Marriott on Friday and Saturday night. Thank you!

    • thediamondsea | 12th January 2017 04:44

      Please count me in. So far, all the signs are auspicious.

    • Quarry | 12th January 2017 13:30

      Okay ... so we have at least 4 rooms accounted for. I will assume you want both Friday and Saturday nights unless specified differently.

      1) Trilby & sis (edited to add: also Thursday night)

      2) thediamondsea

      3) Cazaubon

      4) me (Saturday night only, and looking to share a room)

      Will decide last minute:

      • Whitefluffy

      Edited to add these attendees will not use Marriott:

      • Foxbins

      • Mike

      [SIZE=4]Everbody else?

    • foxbins | 12th January 2017 18:47

      I don't need a room at the Marriott either, Quarry, but thank you again for shouldering the coordination of all this. Herding cats, yes!

    • Trilby Lark | 12th January 2017 19:03

      I would like a room for Thursday night as well. Thank you.

    • cazaubon | 12th January 2017 19:38

      We are arriving by car on Friday evening and departing Sunday morning. I was planning to stay at the Marriott Residence Inn as it has a kitchenette and accepts pets, but if the regular Marriott takes pets as well I could stay there.

    • Quarry | 12th January 2017 21:02

      Leorah checked in with me today:

      I hope this email finds you well! I wanted to follow up with you in regards to the Room Block proposal I sent over and find out if you are still considering the JW Marriott Cherry Creek? Please note that the rate may have changed due to fluctuations in guest room availability.

      Please do not hesitate if you have any questions and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

      Warm Regards,

      Leorah Young

      Social Catering Sales Manager

      JW Marriott Denver Cherry Creek

      150 Clayton Lane Denver, CO 80206*|*P: 303.253.3092**| F: 303.253.3049**

      [email][/email]* |*

      I took this opportunity to confirm that dogs are welcome, and L replied:

      We are pet friendly!! Love those guys

      Chat soon,

      Leorah Young

    • Quarry | 12th January 2017 21:14

      You shouldn't feel pressure from us, C. I'll pencil you in for the sake of an estimated head count.

    • cazaubon | 13th January 2017 00:31

      I just went out to the Marriott web site, the lowest room rate that did not require full non-refundable prepayment is $279 plus $41 in taxes, plus $30 pet fee. So I only booked for Saturday night as that is $$$$. We will spend the night Friday elsewhere and drive in Saturday morning. I just forwarded my reservation to Leorah by email inquiring if there is a lower group rate she can offer. Will let you know what the response is.

    • Quarry | 13th January 2017 01:15

      Can you cancel? I think you could use Leorah's name and explain the circumstances so there'd be no problem backing out.

      We're trying to get a group discount, but I need to tell Marriott how many are planning to visit, and then they'll give us a discount code. See earlier posts in this thread.

      "Thank you so much for your interest in the JW Marriott for a room block. I am pleased to offer you a discounted rate of $229 per night the weekend of April 7[SUP]th[/SUP]. ... Once confirmed, I will provide you with a personalized link where your guests can make their reservations. We’re happy to make an effort to assign rooms in close vicinity, but cannot guarantee that we can fulfill the request. Please note that rates are subject to change until confirmed."

    • Whitefluffy | 13th January 2017 03:45

      Quarry Thank you so much for organizing this, you deserve a statue, and a poem, and a bottle of your favorite perfume for all your hard work!!!

      Our situation is up in the air as we are moving our residence and Mr. is in a middle of a job change. I should be able to make it, hell or high water, but it will all depend on whether Mr. and a doggie will tag along. We will mostly likely reserve our room closer to the date at whichever rate is available then.

      I am sooooooo exited!!! :)

    • mikeperez23 | 13th January 2017 13:25

      Quarry just making sure that you saw my post above (#24) where I said I wouldn't be staying at the Marriott :)

    • Quarry | 13th January 2017 13:38

      Thanks, Whitefluffy (I'll gladly take a poem ... spoken with an accent preferred). Mike, thanks for reiterating, I scrolled past your earlier post.

      I'll hazard a guess that even if our early reservations group isn't large in number, they'll still give us the discount. I'll just wait to hear from a few more BNers before I ask Leorah for access to the discount reservation portal.

      Okay ... so we have at least 4 rooms accounted for. I will assume you want both Friday and Saturday nights unless specified differently.

      [SIZE=5]1) Trilby & sis (Th-F-S)

      2) thediamondsea

      3) Cazaubon

      4) me (Saturday night only, and looking to share a room)

      Will decide last minute:

      • Whitefluffy

      • FrouFrou & Q

      • ComDiva?

      • Knit?

      Will not use Marriott:

      • Foxbins

      • RHM

      • Matildaben


      • Shades

      • Redneck

      • ExtremeK

    • RHM | 13th January 2017 17:36

      I'm staying at the Hilton Garden Inn & have room for a room mate, if anyone is interested. It's about a mile away from the mall, so I'll be using Uber.

    • cazaubon | 13th January 2017 20:20

      Quarry, what group name did you give to the Marriott, or was the inquiry just under your name? If it is under your name, can you please PM me with it? In my email to Leorah I mentioned Basenotes but she had no idea what that was.

    • Quarry | 13th January 2017 20:31

      We haven't gotten a password or portal yet. I've been waiting to hear from everyone to see if we even have a "group." You can use my name, Joy Buslaff, to communicate with Leorah.

      I've written to her about your situation and have requested a Basenotes-named portal.



      Leorah's latest correspondence says that she will be sending me a contract next week. I don't know what the contract will require for # of rooms, etc., so stay tuned. I'm doing all I can and am a bit "gun shy" because I got burned during the first meet-up in '07 when I had to cover for some in our group who didn't pay their share at a catered lunch. I don't think anything like that will happen here, but this hotel thing is new territory for me.

    • FrouFrou | 14th January 2017 03:59

      Me and the Q are planning on coming. I am going to look for accommodation, otherwise Marriott. We might make a road trip of it, we like road trips. In that case we'll have a car and place for passengers!

      We'd be there Friday through Sunday!

    • Quarry | 14th January 2017 15:31

      I'll add you and the Q to the “decide at last minute” column.

      Spied this photo of you from our New Orleans get-together recently and was filled by the warmest, happiest feelings. During this planning stage I can sometimes lose track of what it is I'm looking forward to. This photo happily reminded me:


    • Quarry | 14th January 2017 15:43

      Copied from “preliminary planning” thread:

      Isn't that amazing -- yet so typical of BNers’ thoughtfulness and generosity? CapriDog asks whether we'd like to smell some really rare scents. Can't imagine any of us saying no to that, especially after a day with predominantly “department store” fragrance exposure. And, although we are, at least for the moment, leaning mostly female in attendance, we would never turn down sampling quality masculine-focused scents either.

      Thank you, CapriDog, for adding more facets to the range of experiences for our meet-up. I always worry that people won't be sufficiently entertained or rewarded for their efforts in traveling to one of these events, but your kindness with these contributions reassures me that there are moments of discovery lying in wait for everyone.

      I'll send you a pm with my address (which means I get to smell these novelties ahead of everyone else--ha!).

    • cazaubon | 14th January 2017 17:09

      Quarry, for sure you should not get stuck for paying anything extra! We should not agree to anything that requires guaranteed payment for x amount of rooms. If they won't give us a discount unless we guarantee x number of rooms, then we should just pay the posted rate and forego any group arrangements.

    • Quarry | 15th January 2017 19:12

      Leorah has just communicated that we need the 10-room minimum to get the discount.

      Since we have only 4 rooms spoken for at present, unless 6 others join in by this Friday, Jan. 20, I'm going to stop trying to work this angle (this is an arbitrary cut-off on my part -- Marriott won't/can't give us a deadline cuz it all has to do with room availability at any given time).

      I understand folks not wanting to make reservations 2-1/2 months ahead of an event, but if you can see how that might work out for any of you, it would help save money for you and others. Thanks.

    • RHM | 17th January 2017 00:55


      She can't find a flight home......I'm so sad.

    • mikeperez23 | 20th January 2017 02:18

      I have bad news: I won't be able to attend. My work schedule that week will require me to be available that weekend here in Miami. So sorry I'll miss it.

    • Quarry | 20th January 2017 14:46

      • RHM, I'm truly sorry you and your sister couldn't work out return transportion for her.

      • Mike, you will be so very much missed. Your knowledge and warm-hearted aura contribute immeasurable value to any gathering.

      • Since we haven't had any torrent of Marriott fans by this day, I won't look to work a discount.

      • Sorry, Cauzabon, if you felt uncertain about the choices being lined up.

      • I haven't gotten updates from Patty White or Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. Will keep reminding them we're eager to give them business, promote their splendid offerings, and meet them in person April 8.

      Ahhhhh, herding cats. My mom would say, "What will be, will be."

    • matildaben | 9th February 2017 18:44

      Hi All! Long time no see!

      Thanks to Quarry for alerting me to this on Facebook. I'd love to come, and I would share a room with RHM. I may be interested in the Boulder road trip but would rather do it same-day as the hotel costs are a bit high.

    • Trilby Lark | 9th February 2017 19:23

      Hi Matildaben,

      We have an appointment with Dawn Spencer Hurwitz at her Boulder studio on Friday at 1:30 p.m. My sister and I are picking up foxbins and RHM at the Denver airport around 10:00 a.m. Would you care to join us in Boulder?

    • matildaben | 9th February 2017 20:51

      Yes, I would like to join the Boulder road trip. Is there room for me in your vehicle? Would I be able to get back to Denver by 7:30 for a Symphony concert? If the answer to eitehr of these is no, I can arrange my own transportation.

    • Trilby Lark | 9th February 2017 21:02

      My sister and I are staying at the Hotel Boulderado and are driving from Boulder to the airport and back to Boulder again for the studio visit. Can you meet up at the airport at 10:00 a.m.? Will you have suitcase? If so, what size? Not sure about our return time to Denver...

    • matildaben | 9th February 2017 21:45

      The earliest flight I can get from Seattle arrives around 11:30am. I should probably arrange my own transportation. Thanks!

    • matildaben | 12th February 2017 07:26

      I spent a couple of hours minimizing/organizing my samples and decants, and I have quite a lot that I plan to bring with me to give away. I plan to take very few home with me in exchange.

      Since there are usually leftovers from the swap, will someone be able to take the leftovers and give them a good home?

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    • Quarry | 12th February 2017 13:25

      [SIZE=6]Great point! Discussion, people?

      I reached out to my local women's shelter, but they haven't replied in the several days I've waited. May try again.

    • Quarry | 25th February 2017 17:54

      [SIZE=5]I am so stoked!

      Background: During the '80s, I provided typesetting services for and shared offices with a little publishing company, developing a friendship with an editor by the name of Mike Schafer. We and our coworkers spent many a lunch overflowing with laughter for years, until the advent of desktop publishing. Mike introduced me to rail travel and roller coasters. He is an expert speller, grammar stylist, and rail photographer. In fact, I'm fairly confident his name appears on the mastheads of more rail magazines and books than any other living person on the planet (Google search and Amazon reinforce that impression.) His first business was named Zephyr Graphics, after his favorite rail line, the California Zephyr.

      Mike moved to Illinois about 20 years ago, and we don't see much of each other. About two weeks ago I noticed Mike mentioning on Facebook that he hasn't been to Denver or ridden the Zephyr since 1989, and jumped at the chance to invite him to share my roomette aboard the Zephyr to our Denver meetup. He just emailed to say he has now arranged for one of his many rail buddies to show him a good time the weekend of our meet-up, so he's joining me for the to/from rail time. I'm riding the train with The Mike Schafer, a celebrity among railfans, and one of the best storytellers I've ever heard. Happy!

    • foxbins | 25th February 2017 20:19

      How wonderful, Quarry! He sounds like a wonderful travel companion.

    • RHM | 25th February 2017 21:44

      Fantastic! You'll have a fabulous time!

    • Quarry | 7th March 2017 16:56

      Original post updated March 7th. Just a few more details to nail down.

    • Quarry | 8th March 2017 18:50

      Update: Surrender to Chance ordering info added to original post in this thread.


      Since no one has come forward with new ideas about what to do with the likely pile of samples left over from our get-together, I asked Patty for ideas. She had the idea of offering them in a drawing from the Perfume Posse blog. I like this notion as it keeps products in circulation and no one has to schlep the extra liquids and glass on their travels home. It's a good bit of publicity for BN, too.

      If you're bringing your extra samples/decants to Denver and they're not scooped up by someone at that time, assume this will be the samples' fate unless you choose to take them back, which is fine. One just never knows what will be in demand.

    • elizrj | 13th March 2017 13:36

      Hello All and especially you, dear Quarry! :)

      I have been besieged with work and more, and it's kept me hopping. But I missed you all and came back to see a post from Quarry on a new adventure! Sadly, I cannot attend but I cannot wait to see pictures. I wish I could go and catch up with you all. It sounds like a fantastic time!!

      Hugs to you all!!


    • Quarry | 13th March 2017 16:00

      Inflecting my best Valley girl voice: Oh, ma gosh, B~e~t~h~!

      I saw your name attached to the thread and got my hopes up.

      Dern it all, would have been thrilled to see you again.

      Next time, maybe?

    • elizrj | 13th March 2017 16:31

      Hi there Quarry!!

      Definitely next time! I have been dating (2-1/2 years) a great guy and have gotten him into Fragrance. I bought him a sampler set for Christmas and it opened an entire new world to him. I knew it would since he loves wine and appreciates the nuances and differences of each bottle. He's now gotten a full bottle of Knize 10, and I now think I won't have to drag him into stores to sniff stuff with me. So hopefully next time we can both come!!

      Can't wait to hear about your adventure :)


    • DSHPerfumes | 15th March 2017 19:19

      Hi Everyone!! :) I'm so sorry that I haven't been active on this thread... I had intended to be more in touch over the winter.

      I AM SO EXCITED to have some time with you guys during the Surrender to Denver weekend! I've got the afternoon scheduled to spend with anyone who wants to come to my studio on Friday and I am planning on being with you in Denver on Saturday as well. <3

      I also wanted to put it out there that if anyone wanted to pre-order anything to have ready for the Friday visit, please email me at dsh at indra dot com (my personal email) so I can get things ready ahead of time.

      Also if there's anything anyone specifically wants to sniff from my collection, I can make sure everything is at hand.

      WooHoo! :) Please feel free to get in touch and I will be checking in at this thread as well. Can't wait!

    • Quarry | 15th March 2017 19:33

      Yay! DSH in da house!!!

      Thanks, Dawn.

    • ComDiva | 17th March 2017 13:38

      Hi, gang - I, too, am unavailable to attend (so disappointed!) but finances and being a supportive big sister as my brother battles cancer have put a damper on my fragrance-related spending. I do have 2 questions:

      1) I'd like to send some of my samples to contribute to the sniff-fest and have any stragglers among them donated to a good home. Quarry, are you up for receiving/schlepping smallish box worth?

      2) if anyone is considering a Boy Chanel purchase, I'd be interested in a split and would happily take 1/4 of a 6. Oz or 1/2 of a 2.5 oz.

      3) there is no number 3, other than to wish everyone the best, please hug each other for me, and give DSH a squeeze from me, too, if you see her. :)

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    • Quarry | 17th March 2017 18:18

      Bummmmerrrr, sister C. And you still want to send samples, bless your little cotton socks. (Many kisses. XXXXX)

      I, myself, am having a hard time figuring out how I can pare down the luggage I'll need for traveling for four days -- toting bags up and down train stairs (sleepers are on the second "story"), to/from bus stops, and on buses between hotel and train station. However, we have an overflow option: A lovely new joiner (by way of Perfume Possee) living in the Boulder area who has volunteered to accept shipment and schlep our samples/decants/bottles to Denver Saturday afternoon.


      I'm delighted to introduce everybody to spring_pansy.

      Please send her a PM if she might be of service to you. Of course, the reward she deserves is a pre-sniff preview of everything sent along with our thanks. A win-win-win all the way around.

      Obviously, if you're going to send stuff to Spring Pansy, do so in a timely manner. Tick-tick-tick ...

    • matildaben | 17th March 2017 18:30

      Thanks, Dawn! I've got a pile of your samples that I'm sniffing through before my visit so I can have a wishlist prepared. So far I have Inner Sanctum (my husband loves it on me), Jitterbug, and Cathedral. I'll make a note of your email. How long in advance do you need the emails?

    • matildaben | 17th March 2017 18:32

      ComDiva, you can also send your samples to me. I have been giving a ton of them away but I still have a ton so a small box would be a drop in the bucket since I am planning on bringing checked luggage anyway. PM me for address.

    • Quarry | 17th March 2017 18:45

      Just a note: People bringing samples/decants/bottles will have to carry them all day Saturday while shopping.

      Spring_pansy will be driving in to join us when we get to the Marriott, so you folks might like to take advantage of her toting your stuff for you.

    • kbe | 17th March 2017 19:20

      Wow.. This is one Basenotes meet-up I would have loved to attend! Sorry I will miss it as I would love to get to meet all the wonderful smelling Basenoters in attendance. Enjoy!

    • Quarry | 22nd March 2017 15:16

      Below is a high-resolution accessory you can drag and drop to your desktop, resize, and print out to wear April 8.

      (Add your real first name, your BN name, or both.)

    • cazaubon | 22nd March 2017 16:36

      Are we meeting up at the Marriott for sample/decant swapping after shopping or doing it at the mall? I have a big box of stuff to share but I am staying at the Marriott, so do I still need to haul my stuff?

    • Quarry | 22nd March 2017 17:28

      We'll be doing the sample sharing at the Marriott at the end of the day.

      So, you and Whitefluffy and I don't have to be pack mules.

      Last-minute attendance-deciders might like to choose the JW Marriott at Cherry Creek for that convenience.

    • ksmith0520 | 22nd March 2017 19:49

      I'm planning on meeting everyone at the Cherry Creek Nordstroms Saturday morning for my very first meet up (super excited?), and am thinking of leaving work early on Friday to visit Dawn's studio. Is there a time set when we are meeting Dawn at her studio Friday?

    • Quarry | 22nd March 2017 22:33

      Hey, ksmith, send a PM to Trilby Lark. She's one of the few taking a field trip to DSH's on Friday.

    • spring_pansy | 23rd March 2017 17:54

      Hi everyone,

      I'm so excited to meet some fellow perfumistas at the Denver meet-up. Please don't hesitate to PM me if there's anything I can help with - just one caveat: I won't arrive at the meet-up until afternoon. I'll probably join during the Neiman Marcus visit.

      See you soon!

    • Quarry | 23rd March 2017 18:23

      Spring_pansy, as the saying goes, there are no strangers, just perfumista friends I haven't met yet. :smiley:

    • shadesofbleu | 23rd March 2017 23:52

      SO wishing I could be there! Quarry, it sounds as if you have done a bang-up job organizing as usual. You guys will have a blast!

    • Quarry | 24th March 2017 00:21

      Am I bleu? Without you, I am.

      Gotta get you and kbe to reconsider the merits of last-minute impulse travel. :evil:

    • shadesofbleu | 24th March 2017 00:32

      Speaking of bleu ... someone HAS to sample the new Eau des Merveilles Bleu at the Hermes shop for me!

    • Quarry | 24th March 2017 13:23

      Added EdMB to my sniff list, Shades, which is, physically, actually one of several 5x8 note cards I've prepped for the days ahead. I'm going to look like one of those game show hosts (Gene Rayburn, anyone?), rifling through the categories: attendees, contacts, maps, timetables, sniff lists.

      Contacted/forewarned Hermes yesterday about us coming. The boutique stores like Hermes and Chanel get kinda prickly when a swarm shows up. You can actually see the guard (Chanel) and employees stiffen up cuz they can't watch everybody all at once -- like we organized this thing just so one of us could shoplift a Hermes scarf? Hoping the Denver reps are a little more chill.

    • Quarry | 29th March 2017 14:30

      [SIZE=4]R E M I N D E R


      [SIZE=4]Patty White from Surrender to Chance, one of our favorite decanting sources, will deliver whatever you order from StD to our end-of-day gathering at the Marriott. Note three things:

      (1) You must pick up your order at the Marriott as Patty will not be shopping with us at Cherry Creek

      (2) You must place your order no later than March 31

      (3) To be spared shipping costs at checkout from StC, you must enter the code [SIZE=4]Denver17 and add a comment in the note section that your order is for the "[SIZE=4]Basenotes Denver Meet-Up."

    • DSHPerfumes | 30th March 2017 07:33

      Hi! :) I'm so excited for everyone to come for a visit!! It's coming up so soon! woooo hooooo!

      So, you can email me right up to the Thursday before with any requests, etc. and just FYI: I wanted to let you know that we'll be doing 15% off at the studio, too.

      And I'll have some works in progress for testing and see what you guys think of some not yet launched work. ( EXCITING ) .

      Thanks again for the invite and the studio visit!! I really do love it when people come to see us out in the wilds of Colorado. <3

    • Quarry | 30th March 2017 19:21

      Yes, Dawn, the countdown begins! I think everybody's pulse is quickening. I know mine is.

    • Quarry | 30th March 2017 20:47

      I've recently learned that Knit at Nite, Tang, Shadesofbleu, FrouFrou, and thediamondsea will not be joining us as originally hoped. Le sigh.

      Have my fingers crossed into knots that Kiliwia and ExtremeK can run off for our nose play.

      It's not too late for anybody ... all one need do is show up. Lurkers, are you tingling?

    • JON RODGERS | 30th March 2017 20:57

      So is mine even if my enjoyment will only be vicarious :2vrolijk_08:

    • Quarry | 31st March 2017 16:38

      I don't know which is stronger, my happiness over whom I'll see or my pangs over those I can't. I'll go ahead and play favorites. I wish I could meet JonRodgers more than anyone.

      * * *

      Does anyone have extended Sunday plans?

      I've been debating what to do on Sunday after sleeping in and then having coffee with Whitefluffy. My train doesn't leave until 7 that night, and I've considered Denver's historic walking tour (which is probably too early for me to catch), the zoo or natural history museum (both a good distance from either the hotel or train station where I'll need to go check my bags Sunday morning), and (the most likely) downtown aquarium since it's within walking distance of the station. I'm slightly tempted by the roller coasters at Elitch Gardens nearby, but riding alone holds little allure.

    • Whitefluffy | 31st March 2017 23:25

      Awwwe, Quarry, this sounds like a such a lovely afternoon! Unfortunately, I booked a flight that leaves just shy of 8 AM.(Face palm :() So most likely coffee will not be happening either unless you feel like getting up so early in the morn. But I wouldn't dream of ruining your beauty sleep, especially, on this wonderful but potentially exhausting getaway.

      But I have a bit of great news, everyone! We discussed with Quarry an idea of me placing order with Jeffrey Dame perfumery since some of us were talking about his fantastic soliflores and I wanted other BN folk to have an opportunity to try them. I mentioned our Denver meetup in the comments section and Jeffrey personally reached out to me and offered samples for the meetup. Today I received my order along with beautifully packed sample sets enough for every person attending. This was beyond generous and on the behalf of all I would like to express heartfelt gratitude to the Jeffrey Dame perfumery!

      I am getting very excited too!

    • Quarry | 1st April 2017 00:34

      Wow! Wow! Wow!

      [Runs off to read all about Jeffrey's fragrances.]

    • Whitefluffy | 1st April 2017 00:45

      Well actually I made a mistake, my bad, and I need to clarify. Sample sets include Earth Mother; Sky Father; New Musk; Neroli, Orange, and Cedar; and Gardenia Soliflore. The entire soliflore in perfume oil line is there also but it is only one set. However I placed an order for the following soliflore EdTs in 5ml travel sprays: Rose de Mai, Orange Blossom, Tuberose, and the Dark Horse which is not a soliflore but a very good perfume. We all should be able to sniff entire soliflore line and split the travel sprays of aforementioned EdTs.

    • Quarry | 1st April 2017 01:01

      I like the sound of Earth Mother, New Musk, Orange, and Cedar.

      I was/am a fan of Michael Storer's gardenia scent Stephanie. Real curious to compare this new much-praised Gardenia Soliflore.

    • Bavard | 1st April 2017 01:39

      I love meet-ups, but I can't make this one, which is especially sad because I love Colorado.

    • foxbins | 1st April 2017 02:16

      I'll be around on Sunday morning until noonish, I figure--my plane doesn't leave until 2. I'd go on the roller coasters with you unless I end up going back to the mall to pick up something I slept on from the day before.

    • Whitefluffy | 1st April 2017 02:33

      I have not tried Stephanie, but the praise of Gardenia Soliflore is well deserved as this gardenia-phob can confirm. It is the closest smell to the real life on the bush gardenia I have ever smelled.

    • Quarry | 1st April 2017 02:42

      Wish you could have made it, Bavard. The more the merrier.

      Foxbins, I just looked up Elitch's hours. They open at noon, so that's not great. Maybe others will have more ideas.

    • RHM | 1st April 2017 21:30

      It's getting closer! I'm so excited.

      Jefferey's fragrances are really good. Quarry, I can see you liking his New Musk. I can't wait to try his soliflorals, so thank you for that Whitefluffy. I'll get my order off to Dawn for my beloved American Beauty & Cathedral. Can't wait to try Dawn's new scents.

    • Quarry | 3rd April 2017 13:55

      (((RHM))) :smiley:

      I'm anxious (not an uncommon state for me) to hear whether ExtremeK and Kiliwia were able to arrange their duckies this past weekend and aim for Denver. Want, want, want.

    • Kiliwia | 3rd April 2017 20:42

      Just got the news I was waiting for and I'm afraid it wasn't good news. I won't be able to go to Denver this weekend for the meet up. We have so much going on here and I was trying to get someone to take over for me, so I could go, it's just not working out this time. I hope you guys have a great time in Denver. Please take lots of pictures, so we can live vicariously through you.

    • Quarry | 3rd April 2017 21:55

      You're irreplaceable, Kiliwia, so no one could take over for you. That's understandable. Will miss seeing you.

    • cazaubon | 3rd April 2017 22:54

      I have the following bottles looking for a new home, if you are interested let me know and I will bring them to Denver:

      Bond No. 9 Union Square

      Montale Highness Rose

      Aqua di Biella Janca

      Aqua di Biella Baraja

      Imaginary Authors Air of Despair

    • Trilby Lark | 4th April 2017 06:41

      Hi Cazaubon, I am interested in Montale Highness Rose. It sounds like a pure rose that I would enjoy. Thanks!

      Hi cab

    • Quarry | 4th April 2017 15:01

      Haven't heard from Extremek. Still wishing.

      As it stands now, we are a group of 13 (in alpa order):



      ksmith0520 (Denver local)

      ksmith's friend (Denver local)




      Spring_Pansy (Denver local, will be joining us when we near N-M or Hermes)

      Trilby Lark

      Trilby's sister


      And our celebrity guests:

      Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

      Patty White (will meet us at the hotel around 5-ish)

    • Whitefluffy | 4th April 2017 17:05

      My husband really enjoyed Slow Explosions by Imaginary Authors. The Air of Despair is in the similar neighborhood. I will take it if there are no other takers. Thank you, Cazaubon!

      Also, if anyone interested I have a bottle of Annick Goutal Passion older formulation with more oakmoss. And if anyone would like to try anything, and I repeat anything, from my wardrobe please let me know! :smiley:

    • cazaubon | 4th April 2017 17:53

      Great, I will bring Air of Despair and Highness Rose! I am leaving Friday morning so if anyone wants the others you have until then to let me know. :-)

      Whitefluffy, I would be very interested in the AG Passion, this has been on my want list for quite a while!

    • Whitefluffy | 4th April 2017 18:00

      Oh wow! What a coincidence! I am so delighted I have something you wanted! Off to packing Passion...Wheee!!! :D

    • Trilby Lark | 5th April 2017 06:59

      Quarry and all,

      My sister cannot attend due to an illness in the family. My wonderful 23 year old son will accompany me to Denver but I don't think he'll be sniffing. Thanks!

    • Quarry | 5th April 2017 12:54

      Trilby, I'm sorry your sister has had this happen. I'm sure your son will find plenty to entertain him in Denver. Various illnesses have undermined multiple folks' plans to attend. Wishing healthy outcomes to our friends.

    • Quarry | 5th April 2017 15:53

      [SIZE=4]The weather looks delightful for Saturday: A high of 75°F.

      [You're welcome!]


      Some last-minute reminders:


    • [SIZE=4]Bring a camera if you, like I, don't have a smartphone.

    • [SIZE=4]Charge those batteries.

    • [SIZE=4]Pack sticker labels or ziplock bags in order to mark samples you make from your empty vials.

    • [SIZE=4]Bring some folding money for pizza if you'd like a slice Saturday night.


    One thing I couldn't resolve was a way to add some wine to our Saturday eve.

    If you can figure a workaround, I suspect you'd have some happy paying takers.

    If I don't have anything new to contribute to the discussion in the next two days, I'll just say, I'll see you by 9:30 at the ebar. Whitefluffy and I will likely join arm in arm as we're both arriving Saturday morn and meeting up at the Marriott to check our bags before joining the rest of you.

    • RHM | 7th April 2017 01:49 that I know I'm cleared to fly, I wanted to let you all know I will be bringing my sets of both Zoologist & PK Perfumes for our fellow sniff-ees to test.

      I'm very much looking forward to our weekend in Denver.

    • DSHPerfumes | 7th April 2017 02:23

      Hi, Everyone! :)

      I just wanted to pop in and say how excited I am that you're coming tomorrow and to those who aren't coming, meeting you in Denver on Saturday.

      Can't wait...! See you soon!!


    • thediamondsea | 7th April 2017 04:00

      OMG . . . it's starting tomorrow. Y'all are gonna have so much fun!

    • Primrose | 7th April 2017 07:13

      I am wishing all of the meet-upers a WONDERFUL sniffathon! Do post pics to share, if you wish!

      Sniff some for dear old Primrose!

    • HouseOfPhlegethon | 7th April 2017 07:28

      Hope all that are participating have a wonderful time! :2vrolijk_08:

    • shadesofbleu | 7th April 2017 17:07

      Safe travels to all the Surrender to Denver participants! I'm so jealous, I just know you guys are going to have SO much fun!

    • teardrop | 8th April 2017 06:46

      Safe travels everyone, & have a great time! l look forward to seeing all your happy faces in the pics. :smiley:

    • mumsy | 8th April 2017 10:56


      Jealousina here...... My face is as green as my avatar.....

      Have a wonderful day. We are thinking of you all, and there in spirit.

    • cazaubon | 8th April 2017 18:15

      I am here at the Marriott room 711. Feel free to send me a message, I am trying to reach Quarry on her phone.

    • Primrose | 8th April 2017 21:19

      Count me green, too, Mumsy! I sent along some samples with Cazaubon and asked for everyone to sniff for me!

    • Quarry | 9th April 2017 03:39

      Just completed the good-bye hugs after a wowser of a day.

      Must take this moment to say ...

      [SIZE=5]We love you, Grant. You created a glorious home for us, you have made us family. Thank you.

    • Kiliwia | 10th April 2017 16:13

      Locking this thread, so reports of the trip will go in Quarry's new thread.