A perfect perfume cabinet!

21st November, 2017

Perfume collector Marcy Goldman thinks she’s finally found the perfect perfume storage unit

Nothing is more frustrating for perfume collectors than never quite finding the right cabinet to display and safely store their perfume bounty. Next to tracking down your favorite (often discontinued) perfume, this has to be the most challenging missions. As any perfumista knows, once you’re a perfume collector you quickly run out of space for your collection.

Bathroom vanities, while a logical choice, are not ideal. Not only is there rarely enough space in the typical vanity but the humidity of that room compromises perfumes. Too much light and moisture can easily discolour a cherished bottle of Shalimar or otherwise change the fragrance notes of your last bottle of Ma Griffe.

Stuff your perfumes a way in a drawer and you cannot really ‘see’ them nor enjoy the panorama of your collection and choose your fragrant arsenal of the day.

I was one step away from having an expensive custom cabinet built and then I found it!

The solution for me is a beautiful cabinet with glass doors made by Ameriwood.com called the Altra Aaron Lane Bookcase with Sliding Doors, which is available from Amazon.

Although the Aaron Lane is designed as an all- purpose curio or occasional cabinet, it seems custom-designed for a perfumer’s collection. There’s enough room for one thing to both display perfumes and below, where the glass discontinues, amble storage for toiletries (manicure stuff for example). Inside, there’s room for double rows of perfume or place the perfume bottles in front with their beautiful packaging/boxes behind them. This is also a good visual clue of which perfume is which.

The glass shelves keep things out of direct light, preserving the expensive liquid treasures and keeps things dust free.

Featuring an exceptional design, this is a practical and beautiful addition to your home even if you weren’t dedicating to perfume. Having tried many similar units and watched them collapse within a month or two, of the doors wouldn’t work, or they were simply impossible to put together to begin with, this Ameriwood cabinet is a true find. It’s easy to assemble, made with solid wood, finishing screws (versus nails) and the sliding mechanism of the doors outshines anything in its category.

This unit, which is also perfect as DVD, CD cabinet (yes, some people still have those collections as well) or as a bookcase of course, includes 4 shelves behind the 2 sliding doors. There’s also plenty of storage space that is hidden below (where the glass ends) to keep messier or less pretty stuff away from view.

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About the author: Marcy Goldman

Marcy Goldman is a master baker and cookbook author, as well as mistress of scents. A New York Times, Food and Wine and Washington Post contributor, she also appears on Martha Stewart Sirius frequently. She consults on fragrance and dabbles in her own creations, as well as writes about scent in all its incantations for Basenotes.net and her own column, Scent of a Baker, at her site, BetterBaking.com

Website: http://www.betterbaking.com/


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      • hednic | 22nd November 2017 14:44

        It's nice but I like my storage solution much better

      • Oriane | 22nd November 2017 16:59

        It is okay, but I purchased one from Target.com that I think is nicer. It is a bit smaller, but it costs less, too, and I think it is pretty stylish. Eventually, however, I plan to purchase an antique cupboard with glass doors. My closet is jam packed now. I literally have run out of room for my fragrances.

      • foxbins | 22nd November 2017 17:42

        Mine is way bigger and came from Ikea--the horizontal Hemnes. I love it.

      • Trilby Lark | 22nd November 2017 18:23

        My fragrance bottles are stored in their original boxes in a dark cabinet. That, to me, is the perfect storage solution. Only my monthly rotation of 10 bottles is on display for a short period of time.

        Oriane’s idea of an antique cupboard is appealing.

      • Redneck Perfumisto | 23rd November 2017 01:35

        I like it! The price is right, for sure. And white looks nice, too, among the available colors.

        White won't work with our furnishings, nor any of the other colors, but the IDEA is great, and I am definitely going to keep my eyes open for something like this that fits our decor. Not so much for long-term storage, but for all the "I'm currently sniffing / interested in / comparing / reviewing / using / discussing" fragrances. Then I could put some of my more commonly used fragrance books in there, too, because there should be plenty of room left. My "Basenotes cabinet"!

        I'm sure yours is perfect for your needs!

        Everybody's needs are a bit different. Mine are probably more like yours - a large number of bottles needing long-term storage, but a few faves that get heavy use. Right now, I have too many "active" fragrances cluttering the dresser top and the vanity.

        Hope you find a good solution. An antique cupboard sounds REALLY nice! That could look amazing.

        Gonna check it out!!! :wink:

        I'm always on the prowl for new digs for my fragrances. Plan ahead!

        Same here on the storage - boxed in the dark in cabinets for most of mine.

        The problem lately is that the stuff I'm "interested in currently" and keeping out of drawers, is getting annoyingly large. So I could actually use something like a glass-fronted cabinet. But the trick would be to find a place where I could put it and not annoy my wife more than the current mess!

      • Cook.bot | 23rd November 2017 01:56

        "The glass shelves keep things out of direct light"

        How exactly do they do that?

        + + +

        "as well as writes about scent in all its incantations for Basenotes.net "

        LOL! Are we now using it to cast spells, too?

      • Toujours Mink | 23rd November 2017 02:32

        It's also apparently mobile; did you notice the "amble storage" in the bottom?

      • Redneck Perfumisto | 23rd November 2017 03:37

        My guess would be by holding up the "fragrant shields" in the front row! ;-D

        Seriously, such a cabinet is meant for display. The only thing that is REALLY going to protect the fragrances from light is a suitable location. Keeping the bottles in their boxes and/or the bottom area is the only way to fully protect them, if the cabinet is located in a sunlit room.

        This is why I would only use this sort of display for the stuff that's already sitting out right now. Either that or keep it in a room that's usually dark or well shaded during the day.

      • Cook.bot | 23rd November 2017 03:42

        Teehee. Marcy's a fine baker, and I enjoy her cooking newsletter, but she really needs an editor.

      • MGW | 23rd November 2017 21:49

        Very nice, anything for the UK?

      • enorena | 3rd August 2018 22:24

        Thank you for this tip! I have been looking for something just like this for a while. It's perfect!