Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge and Santal Blush [video]

12th September, 2011

Tom Ford has launched Jasmin Rouge and Santal Blush to accompany his new make-up collection. Jasmin Rouge contains sambac jasmine sepals absolute, dusky clary sage and rich spices; while Santal Blush contains creamy sandalwood, exotic Eastern spices, intoxicating florals and sumptuous woods. As Basenotes knows nothing about make up, we asked someone who does, their view of the fragrance. Video below:

Both are available now.

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About the author: Ruth Crilly

Ruth Crilly has been an international fashion model for over ten years. She now shares her beauty and style findings on cult website and Youtube channel A Model Recommends. She gives skincare recommendations, makeup tutorials and fashion posts as well as offering a daily insight into the world of modelling



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    • d4N13L | 12th September 2011 23:35

      I cant stop looking at ther teeth. Shes beautiful, but that teeth, oh my god!

      Oh, nice comments on the fragrances, Jasmin Rouge sounds that i will like it.

    • elmsyrup | 12th September 2011 23:56

      This wasn't a great review, sorry. Use someone who knows at least SOMETHING about perfume, please.

    • Moxiereviews | 13th September 2011 00:17

      Ruth, you did a great job on this, your very first fragrance review. You're so right, it is so subjective. However, I thought you gave a very thorough review of the fragrances, and I'm glad that you have posted your video. x

    • ella27 | 13th September 2011 00:28

      you may not be a perfume expert, but your natural charm shines through! 'theyre just posh innit' -- SOLD

    • jumpersandjam | 13th September 2011 00:32

      I thought this review was really good :) its really hard to describe perfumes so i thought it was great how she explained how they were different. Now I know that the more nude coloured one would suit me better and I can go try it. At the end of the day you really have to just go smell it yourself but I liked how she explained how they relate to the campaigns/make-up. Will definitely have to try them now!

    • Francop | 17th September 2011 12:53

      What a Fun Video...We Loved it...!!!

    • Ratfink | 22nd September 2011 11:28

      "they're just posh, innit!" :D

      Genius idea this.

    • Geldachron | 16th December 2011 15:44

      I got the 2 samples today. My first impression (On paper) is that the Jasmin Rouge definitely a feminine fragrance. I gues guys could pull it of but not me. It's a in your face kind of spicy jasmin. Definitely for a mature woman.

      Santal Blush however is much more middle of the road to me. It's fresh and anyone who would enjoy it could pull it of.

      Definitely worth a try for any frag-head ;)