Menaji Skincare

About Menaji Skincare

Menaji was developed by top professional make-up artist, Michele Probst (pictured left) in 1997. Her male clients kept asking her what they could use to cover up blemishes and scratches on there own. "Well, there weren't any products out there made specifically for men. That's why I started Mënaji Skincare." says Michele

Michele has over twelve years of experience of fashion photography, TV, film and video. Some of the men she has made up in her time include Larry King, Kid Rock and Jay Leno. She specialises in making her male clients look good, without making them look caked in make up.

All Menaji products have been developed with leading dermatologists, to help keep men's skin healthy and looking good. The range includes: SPF19 Lip Agent, 911 Eye Gel, Polishing Scrub, Glyvolic Skin Toner, CAMO Concealer (available in CAMO light, CAMO medium, CAMO bronze and CAMO deep-dark) and HDPV Dual Active Powder (available in light, medium, bronze and deep-dark)