About Minnetonka

Robert R. Taylor started Minnetonka in 1964 by making soap in his garage. Minnetonka's biggest contribution to the fragrance world was In 1980, when Minnetonka paid $1million for Calvin Klein Cosmetics. Minnetonka was responsible for the Obsession and Eternity fragrances.

In 1987 Minnetonka's Village Bath and SoftSoap brands were acquired by Colgate-Palmolive, and in 1989 Unilever acquired the rest of Minnetonka for $367 million, purely for the Calvin Klein fragrances, and sold the rest of the Minnetonka line to Japanese company Tsumura.

A new company, Minnetonka Brands was founded in 1993 by former SoftSoap execs who re-acquired the rights to the Village Bath and Sesame Street toiletry brands from Colgate-Palmolive. Minnetonka Brands changed its name to The Village Company in 2005.