• Shanghai to be next in Guerlain's Une Ville, Un Parfum range?

    In 2009 Guerlain launched three fragrances named after cities, in the "Une Ville, Un Parfum" range. These were Moscow, New York and Tokyo. The trio was joined by London last year, and Basenotes speculates that the next in the collection will be Shanghai

    The French trademark website, icimarques.com reveals that Guerlain registered the trademark SHANGHAI 05 GUERLAIN in September last year. The image supplied fits with the design of the rest of the range, and the number five corresponds with it being the fifth fragrance in the series, so we guess that Shanghai will be the next city celebrated in the collection.


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    1. mr. reasonable's Avatar
      mr. reasonable -
      Looking forward to this one.
    1. rickbr's Avatar
      rickbr -
      The plan was to launch Guerlain Shangai as the forth fragrance in the line, but for some reason they decided to go with London instead
    1. Primrose's Avatar
      Primrose -
      I wonder which notes will be featured and which landmark will be on the bottle.
    1. volley2's Avatar
      volley2 -
      this better be available in Shanghai if not that wouldn't make sense...hmmm
    1. mr. reasonable's Avatar
      mr. reasonable -
      Expect Ginger somewhere in the equation
    1. Kwilson's Avatar
      Kwilson -
      Wondering why Guerlain hasn't come out with 'Paris' yet?
    1. SoGent's Avatar
      SoGent -
      Quote Originally Posted by Kwilson View Post
      Wondering why Guerlain hasn't come out with 'Paris' yet?

      bad pun deleted.

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