• Miss Dior Chérie to be renamed Miss Dior

    In a move that sounds like an April Fools joke several months early, Dior is dropping the Chérie from Miss Dior Chérie, and the fragrance will now be known as simply Miss Dior. The fragrance formerly known as Miss Dior is now called Miss Dior Original.

    Confused? escentual.co.uk have posted a blog post with further details and a guide to how you can tell which is which:
    ‘Miss Dior Cherie’ – This will soon disappear from shelves and be renamed Miss Dior
    ‘Miss Dior’ (with pink juice and packaging) – The new name for what was known as ‘Miss Dior Cherie’
    ‘Miss Dior’ (with yellow-ish liquid and packaging) – This will soon disappear from shelves, and be renamed ’Miss Dior Original’
    ‘Miss Dior Original’ – The new name for what was called ‘Miss Dior’ (The one from 1947)
    Although this has been done before (Nina Ricci's Signoricci 2, became Signoricci after the original was discontinued), It's probably the most high profile case we can think of.

    Come back soon for news of Shalimar Parfum Initial being renamed Shalimar, No. 5 Eau Premiere being renamed No. 5 and A*Men Pure Malt becoming A*Men.....

    Update: Elena from Perfume Shrine posted about this a few months ago : All That's Wrong with Perfume Nowadays - well worth a read.

    Update 2: The Dior website shows both fragrances on a Miss Dior page. The original is now called Miss Dior Original. No mention of anything ever being Cherie.


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    1. Ratfink's Avatar
      Ratfink -
      I can't pinpoint *exactly* why, but I find this news incredibly annoying. I suspect that there are a multitude of reasons.

      As for the possibility of 'Shalimar Parfum Initial being renamed Shalimar...' Don't even joke about it!
    1. 30 Roses's Avatar
      30 Roses -
      Does Miss Dior Chérie outsell the original Miss Dior by a wide margin? If so, I could see the reasoning behind the change, but it does seem guaranteed to engender confusion with buyers.
    1. Bakerloo Line's Avatar
      Bakerloo Line -
      I'm with Ratfink on this - annoying. The "real" Miss Dior will always be the right one in my book.
    1. Grant's Avatar
      Grant -
      Quote Originally Posted by 30 Roses View Post
      Does Miss Dior Chérie outsell the original Miss Dior by a wide margin? If so, I could see the reasoning behind the change, but it does seem guaranteed to engender confusion with buyers.
      Apparently Miss Dior Chérie is something like the 5th best selling fragrance in the world.
    1. PerfumedLady's Avatar
      PerfumedLady -
      No fan of either scent, myself but what a load of nonsense for those who are. Clearly Dior/LVMH simply have no sense of tradition or respect for long-time, loyal customers. What a shame. I absolutely understand why some are annoyed; I would be too if either of these were one of "my" treasured scents.
    1. lilybelle's Avatar
      lilybelle -
      Why bother? Maybe they're doing it to drum up some more attention. It probably doesn't cost much to change the labels.
    1. forfreddie's Avatar
      forfreddie -
      I thought this had already happened?
      I've seen numerous bottles in department stores without the Cherie.
    1. Sugandaraja's Avatar
      Sugandaraja -
      I expect the original Miss Dior's days are highly numbered...
    1. maiglöckchen's Avatar
      maiglöckchen -
      This is soo sad. Miss Dior is one of my "best ever" and I am really shocked. But then...everybody who loves Miss Dior is better off to buy the vintage juice for some years now anyway.
      Quel mépris!
    1. Dr_Rudi's Avatar
      Dr_Rudi -
      Cross referencing the thread on this topic:

    1. Primrose's Avatar
      Primrose -
      There goes the neighborhood.

      I love the "original" Miss Dior. Very akin to Vol de Nuit. What they did was to create a flanker, then rename the flanker after the original, than change the name of the original scent.

    1. David Ruskin's Avatar
      David Ruskin -
      The original Miss Dior hasn't been "original" for years. No-one cares about the classics nor the history of fragrance. The only concern is sales. Great, great shame.
    1. Ratfink's Avatar
      Ratfink -
      I'm a fan of Miss Dior - never smelt the vintage stuff, got mine last year - and I love it. This development does worry me.
    1. cbstarker's Avatar
      cbstarker -
      Jeez, glad I've got a lifetime supply of the "original."
    1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
      Redneck Perfumisto -
      GASP! What will happen to Miss Dior Cherie L'Eau? Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Printemps? Or Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet? This is a worrisome anti-trend! The very idea of flanker names getting shorter! Harrumph!
    1. FrouFrou's Avatar
      FrouFrou -
      I suppose it's the last death throw of the real Miss Dior...
    1. Primrose's Avatar
      Primrose -
      I love Miss Dior, a lighter version of Vol de Nuit.

      I saw the new bottle of the former Miss Dior Cherie with the new name at Sephora.
    1. dark phoenix 123's Avatar
      dark phoenix 123 -
      really don't see the point of this exercise except creating a lot of confusion for consumers. can imagine many cases of peoply buying the wrong perfume... really hope they do not phase out the original miss dior...
    1. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
      Mimi Gardenia -
      Really the whole business of changing the name is ridiculous and makes me think even more poorly of LVMH. I have seen the new Miss Dior Originale bottles and I also seen, shuddered at the new Miss Dior minus the Cherie. It's stupidity at the very least and yes I'm pretty annoyed. I love the real Miss Dior not the imposter LVMH has hoisted upon Sephora.
    1. DaisyKaci's Avatar
      DaisyKaci -
      Seems like I heard that the guy who created Miss Dior Cherie 2005 version supposedly said something anti semitic so that is why they fired him and "enhanced" the formula as I was told in 2011. They DESTROYED it is what they did! I don't care who said what! YOU DON'T MESS WITH WOMAN'S PERFUME!!! And now they just go back to calling this new "enhanced" version (minus some key notes) Miss Dior from 1947 but they still sell THAT version under Miss Dior Original? This is CRAZY! They should have fired the guy, kept everything the same and been done with unnecessary...change. Who knows what the real story is.