• Boucheron to launch Jaïpur Bracelet

    Paris-based jewellers Boucheron is to launch 'Jaïpur Bracelet', a fragrance for women, exclusively at Harrods in March.The scent will be rolled out in other outlets from April.

    The name of the perfume is said to come from the 'Nauratan' bracelets given to Rajasthani brides for good luck. 'Jaipur Bracelet' was created by Carlos Benaïm.

    Described as a 'woody floral', notes include Petitgrain, Violet Leaf, Verbena Basil, Hyacinth, Lily of the Valley, Cypress and Iris.

    The original Jaïpur (for women), created by Sophia Grojsman, has been discontinued by the company, though the men's version remains.


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    1. rickbr's Avatar
      rickbr -
      Don`t know why, but something on the package of this one makes me think of a fake flanker of jaipur. Hope that they don`t discontinue the men`s version!
    1. Primrose's Avatar
      Primrose -
      The pink presentation must be trying to reach a younger market, much like the Miss Boucheron.
    1. kalli's Avatar
      kalli -
      Don't ever conform boucheron! Stay real!.
    1. scentimus's Avatar
      scentimus -
      No don't discontinue the Men's!!!!
    1. lilybelle's Avatar
      lilybelle -
      I think the bottle is pretty, esp. the purple cap and gold trim. I like the serenity of pink and blush colors lately, though I used to hate pink. I wish pink were not always perceived or intended as girly and frilly and silly.
    1. PerfumeryPrincess's Avatar
      PerfumeryPrincess -
      I think this is going to be gorgeous - I love the powdery notes of Iris and the bottle is really beautiful. Boucheron is such a classic brand with a really loyal following, but this could open the brand up to a new generation of customer which isn't such a bad thing. I'm really excited to try this.
    1. AirBureau's Avatar
      AirBureau -
      Speaking of Jaipur For Men, I recently smelled the current EdP version, I'm glad I bought a backup 2 years ago when it was showing signs of discontinuation due to the license passing from BRI to Inter Parfums. It's not the same now

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