• Basenotes Contributor Wins Jasmine Award!

    Basenotes would like to congratulate contributor and Basenotes member Persolaise for winning a Jasmine Award from the Fragrance Foundation UK.

    The prize of £1,000 was awarded to him in the Best Website Feature on Fragrance category.

    "The judges unanimously awarded the prize to ‘Persolaise’ for the London Perfume Shopping Guide on www.persolaise.com"

    The 2011 judging panel comprised industry expert Joanna Norman, fashion commentator Caryn Franklin, prize-winning UK author Dr Rosalind Miles, British fashion designer Jenny Packham, Deborah Parrott, Senior Marketing Manager Fragrance and Beauty at Debenhams, and journalist and author Kathy Phillips.

    Further info here: http://www.thejasmineawards.co.uk/index.htm


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    1. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
      Mimi Gardenia -
      Hurray ! Congratulations to Persolaise ! Well done .
    1. Sillage6's Avatar
      Sillage6 -
      The best accolade one can garner!!!!
      Congratulations Persolaise on you wonderful win and trophy!
      Well deserved!!!!!
    1. Persolaise's Avatar
      Persolaise -
      Thanks very much indeed. And thanks to Basenotes for posting the news!
    1. PerfumeIQ's Avatar
      PerfumeIQ -
      Please let me join the chorus of congratulators, Persolaise, for this wonderful (and well-deserved) achievement. Thanks, too, for inspiring and educating all of us on matters perfume. Again, congratulations and continued success!
    1. JON RODGERS's Avatar
      Great news - fully deserved. Many congratulations, Persolaise
    1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
      Redneck Perfumisto -
      Yes, congratulations for sure, Persolaise! I would only add that this great example is just the tip of the iceberg. You've done so many other wonderful articles and interviews, that are equally or even more worthy of recognition. Bravo!
    1. knit at nite's Avatar
      knit at nite -
      Excellent news and well deserved!
    1. Perfume Profiler's Avatar
      Perfume Profiler -
      Congratulations Dariush! Well done, and very much deserved! x
    1. perfumista8's Avatar
      perfumista8 -
      Congratulations! I always enjoy your insightful posts.
    1. mumsy's Avatar
      mumsy -
      Very well deserved. Congratulations. It's about time you were recognised.
    1. Nostalgie's Avatar
      Nostalgie -
    1. 4160Tuesdays's Avatar
      4160Tuesdays -
      Nice work.
    1. Primrose's Avatar
      Primrose -
      Another shout of praise for our own Persolaise!
    1. Persolaise's Avatar
      Persolaise -
      Thank you so much for your messages, I really appreciate them.
    1. Diamondflame's Avatar
      Diamondflame -
      Congrats, Persolaise! They got it right this time...
    1. Sandy's Avatar
      Sandy -
      Well deserved, congratulations!
    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
      Enhorabuena !!!

      We Love your articles...Please keep writing...!!!
    1. jujy54's Avatar
      jujy54 -
    1. Persolaise's Avatar
      Persolaise -
      Oh dear, sorry! I hadn't realised that more people had left comments.

      Thanks very much indeed for taking the time to right, everybody.
    1. socalwoman's Avatar
      socalwoman -