• Robert Piguet to launch new fragrance range this summer: Bois Noir, Casbar, Mademoiselle, Notes and Oud

    Robert Piguet is to launch a new fragrance range called "Nouvelle Collection". The collection consists of five fragrances: Bois Noir, Casbah, Mademoiselle, Notes and Oud. They are expected to be on sale from 1st June, and will be previewed in Milan.

    The five fragrances are described by the company as follows:

    Bois Noir
    This avant-garde elixir combines warm woods with rich balsam. The blend opens with facets of gaiac and cedar wood. Heart notes include warm sandalwood and patchouli. The drydown features the richness of balsam and cistus absolute. Bois Noir is modern sophistication and the ultimate scent for baring bold style.
    This striking fragrance transports wearers to a mysterious realm. Top notes include the warmth of angelica root, black pepper and nutmeg. Mid notes feature smokey incense, orris and tobacco facets. Base notes include rich cedar wood and vetiver. Casbah is a spellbinding scent perfect for creating an impression of glamour and mystery.
    A delicate and romantic addition to the Piguet family of feminine masterpieces. Composed of elegant orange flower complimented by almond and apricot tones, this alluring fragrance also features notes of bright bergamot and sensuous tonka bean. Mademoiselle Piguet is the perfect scent for the young and young at heart.
    This fresh fragrance blends invigorating green notes with vibrant woody accords. This energizing elixir opens with a crisp top note of bergamot and clary sage. Mid notes include fresh herbaceous facets featuring geranium and orange flower. The drydown reveals the warmth of oakmoss, vetiver and tonka bean. Notes de Robert Piguet is the signature fragrance for creating an aura of magnetism and charm.
    Oud is a resin released by trees and is sometimes believed to ward off evil spirits or even attract lovers. Wearers will be enveloped in this rich and elegant blend. The intensity of spices morphs darker as the fragrance evolves into its smokey undertones. Wearers will be reminded of rich woods and opulent incense as this sumptuous scent clings to skin like warm silk. Experience Oud de Robert Piguet, featuring notes of rich vetiver.


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    1. Persolaise's Avatar
      Persolaise -
      Just a quick note.

      Bois Noir is already available at the Gentlemen's Lounge in Harrods.
    1. danny1967's Avatar
      danny1967 -
      thanks persolaise, will go to harrods today!! cannot wait to also try oud and casbah.. especially casbah, if it will be done well, wow!!..
    1. Francop's Avatar
      Francop -
      I do realy look forward to trying these... Thank You...
    1. dark phoenix 123's Avatar
      dark phoenix 123 -
      omg! sounds really good! wonder what sizes they come in and for how much...
    1. iivanita's Avatar
      iivanita -
      i own fracas and visa...and find bandit very interesting but would not wear it yet..but some time in my life would, also baghari is very good too!!
      think they have such great fragrances! am bit weary of launching so many new at once..that they may not be of the highest quality i am used to from piguet
    1. Primrose's Avatar
      Primrose -
      I am a Bandit and Fracas fan! I would like to try these new releases.

      Mademoiselle? Isn't that a copyright issue here?

      If the EU can copyright so generic a word as "dandy," then surely "mademoiselle" will qualify.
    1. Bela's Avatar
      Bela -
      Quote Originally Posted by Primrose View Post
      I am a Bandit and Fracas fan! I would like to try these new releases.

      Mademoiselle? Isn't that a copyright issue here?

      If the EU can copyright so generic a word as "dandy," then surely "mademoiselle" will qualify.
      Usually there is no copyright on names, film/book titles, etc. The Chanel perfume is called 'Coco Mademoiselle' anyway so it's different. It will obviously create confusion among people who don't bother to write names in their complete form when they refer to them. I expect Piguet are banking on it. Chanel also have a 'Bois Noir'. Looks like dirty-trick competition to me.
    1. BetsyMeszaros's Avatar
      BetsyMeszaros -
      Stay tuned. The Alexander Doll Company in New York named a doll Coco a few years back -- no relation to Coco Chanel, didn't look like her, nothing -- and Chanel went legal. We'll just have to wait and see.
    1. Bela's Avatar
      Bela -
      I think that may be different because Coco is a 'proper noun' forever associated with Mlle Chanel, whereas Mademoiselle is a 'common noun'. However, I can absolutely see Chanel sueing Piguet over this (and Bois Noir).
    1. kalli's Avatar
      kalli -
      Interesting if Chanel did go legal..maybe they should just go ahead and relaunch Bois Noir it instead of suing. I'll take that.

      Don't know if it was wise to name these so close to Chanel, we will have to see...legalities..urgh.
    1. Ursula's Avatar
      Ursula -
      I was lucky to get a sample of ROBERT PIGUET - Oud.

      Not bad ... not bad at all. It does not have the heaviness of a real Arabic perfume oil blend, like e.g. AL HARAMAIN - Marwah, rather it is sort of fluffy and light and there is a certain silkiness to it.

      However, because I have Marwah, a 3 ML sample with a dipstick which makes for minute feathery application, and which is blooming beautifully and lasts for hours, there is no need to go out and spend big bucks on yet another attempt to introduce the glory of oud to the Western consumers.

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