• Dana offering vintage 'Baby Soft' tees

    After seeing the fancy tees from Old Spice in the summer, we were excited to see Dana Classics offer a remake of this classic Love's Baby Shirt as featured in this vintage ad:

    The shirt is available in a variety of sizes from the Dana website


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    1. Jane Daly's Avatar
      Jane Daly -
      Wow, I loved Love's Baby Soft. That is so neat, I recall using hot rollers to get that hair style
    1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
      Redneck Perfumisto -
      Fragrance-related tees are a neat idea. My wife loves her Bond no.9 tee, and I have to admit looking longingly at the one that comes with the new Marc Ecko fragrance ( what can I say - the artwork is great, even if the fragrance is only "kinda nice" to my nose). I'd be sorely tempted by tees for any of my wardrobe faves. Old Spice? Hmmmm..... Former fave. Like very former. Just not feeling it yet.

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