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    • LesNez follow up to Turtle Vetiver #1 now available

      The follow up to the limited edition LesNez fragrance, Turtle Vetiver #1, is now available. The new fragrance is called Turtle Vetiver Front, and was composed by regular LesNez contributor, Isabelle Doyen.

      According to LesNez, the fragrance is:
      an outlaw perfume
      that doesn't recognize any rules or regulations
      it hasn't been tested on animals
      but one Turtle with his kind consent

      Like the last Turtle Vetiver this is likely to sell out. The fragrance costs CHF105 from LesNez, or in the US the fragrance can be bought from LuckyScent for $120. According to Lucky Scent the notes are: Vetiver, coconut lactone, moss and ambergris.

      As before profits from the fragrance will benefit Turtle.


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      1. drseid's Avatar
        drseid -
        This is a superb reference vetiver, IMO. Luckyscent must have only had it up for less than 15 minutes before I bought the thing (they had it originally marked at $130 during the first hour after listing, before changing it to the correct $120). Pricey, but worth it. I think the LesNez site said there are only going to be 90 bottles of this made.
      1. Moltmanns's Avatar
        Moltmanns -
        I cant wait to try this fragrance
      1. MonkeyBars's Avatar
        MonkeyBars -
        Tried it yesterday. I found it a rather plain vetiver and wood composition.