• Maurer & Wirtz to launch Strellson Loaded

    Maurer & Wirtz are to launch a new Strellson fragrance for men called Strellson Loaded. The new fragrance features notes of bergamot, elemi, black pepper, ginger, lavender, soft musk, patchouli, vetiver and vanilla. The fragrance is housed in a metallic bottle designed by designer Peter Schmidt.

    Strellson Loaded is available as Eau de Toilette (30,50 and 100ml), After Shave, Shower Gel and Deodorant.


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    1. Spoombung's Avatar
      Spoombung -
      oooo exciting! long time Tabac fan here...
    1. MarkStar's Avatar
      MarkStar -
      I'm looking forward to this!
    1. Primrose's Avatar
      Primrose -
      Interesting bottle, but design reminds me of the guitar pick motif used on the Tim McGraw fragrances.

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