• Next in Amouage Library Collection is Opus VI

    Amouage have announced Opus VI - the latest fragrance in the Library Collection. The company say that "Opus VI is an amber, leather and woody fragrance inspired by the destruction and reinvention of knowledge and memories. Symbolising the end of a love affair, eternity is represented as broken memories in the design of the box"

    Opus VI features top notes of Sichuan Pepper, Frankincense and St Thomas Bay a heart of Periploca, Cypriol and Patchouli; and a base of Ambranum, Z11, Sandalwood and Cistus.


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      L8bro -
      hmmmm. Interesting.....
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      MonkeyBars -
      Z11 is three Z less than Z-14
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      bluemoon -
      I googled and found some z-11s listed under insect pheromones.
      Couldn't find anything for Ambranum
      Periploca serpium- "ill scented flowers; yellow fruit... Grown for dark green shiny leaves that remain green until leaf drop; fruit and sap are poisonous"


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