• Armani's newest Code is Code Luna

    Armani's latest women's fragrance is Armani Code Luna. The new fragrance was inspired by the moon and composed by perfumer Dominique Ropion. The fragrance is described by the company as "feminine fluidity mixed with bewitching seduction; the incarnation of a woman you think is yours, but who has already slipped away ...leaving behind only the trace of her provocative perfumer"

    The notes for the fragrance include Bergamot, Bitter Orange and Pear in the top; Middle Notes of Orange Blossom Absolute, Moon Flower and Osmanthus; and a base of Tonka Bean, Cedar Wood and Leather.

    Armani Code Luna is available as 30ml, 50ml and 75ml Eau de Toilette. The fragrance is available from this month in some countries and from May in the UK.

    Update 8 March: In the original article we said that Megan Fox was the face of the fragrance. This is not the case, Valeria Bilello is the face of the fragrance.


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    1. Wee Scottish Scent Lover's Avatar
      Wee Scottish Scent Lover -
      I found the original Armani Code too sickly and overpowering. I was also put off by the fact that a woman I didn't particularly like used to drown herself in it at work. Maybe this will be a little lighter. Although it doesn't sound it, judging by the description.
    1. Bonoanimoes's Avatar
      Bonoanimoes -
      Here we go again!
    1. CanwllCorfe's Avatar
      CanwllCorfe -
      Yeah, the moon. I'm sure.
    1. Andyjreid's Avatar
      Andyjreid -
      My guess is that it'll have the depth of the "face of Armani Code fragrances"
    1. Diamondflame's Avatar
      Diamondflame -
      I'm not exactly holding my breath but hey it's from Dominique Ropion. And 'leather' is listed as a note!

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