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    • Keiko Mecheri at Scent Bar this Saturday (17th March) to talk about new Bespoke Collection [Los Angeles]

      Keiko Mecheri will be at Lucky Scent's Scent Bar this Saturday (March 17th) 4-6pm, launching her new Bespoke collection. According to LuckyScent "Only the highest quality materials are used to compose these unique blends thus creating perfumes that are almost tactile. Rich and carefully selected compositions to stimulates the senses."

      The fragrances in the collections are:

      • Ambre Mirabilis
      • Bal de Roses
      • Canyon Dreams
      • Cuir Fauve
      • Soussanne
      • Tangeri
      • Vetiver Velours

      Each fragrance is available as 50ml Eau de Parfum for $275. The fragrances are also available in a coffret which features 7 x 10ml fragrances for $125. In the US the fragrances are available exclusively at Lucky Scent / Scent Bar.


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      1. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
        Mimi Gardenia -
        I've been looking at Luckyscent this morning . Looks gorgeous !
      1. finzi's Avatar
        finzi -
        Eep! $275 for 50ml? These had better be phenomenal. That's quite a jump from Keiko's standard range. For my bank account's sake, I think I'd better give these a wide berth but wouldn't mind getting my hands on some samples. I spotted these on her website the other day but no notes are listed as yet. Anyone know more about those?

        **EDIT** My bad - have found the info on Lucky Scent!
      1. MonkeyBars's Avatar
        MonkeyBars -
        see y'all there
      1. The-odor's Avatar
        The-odor -
        Not that I'm that much into maths but hey, 5 Bespoke Sampler Coffrets is $125 x 5=$625 (and I *mean* it is all in all 7 x 50ml EDP full new collection), but if you do really need those *gorgeous* bottles (again 7 x 50ml EDP) you have to throw 7 x $275 = $1925. This is plain three times sick ...or a scentaholic FIND! Actually, I like some of KM scents (Ume, Iris, Peau de Peche from main collection) but this way of marketing is a bit *oversprayed* if you get what I mean...