• Comme des Garçons to launch three Play fragrances

    In May, Comme des Garçons are launching new versions of their Play fragrance. The fragrances will feature a red heart, green heart and black heart. No details of the fragrances appear to be available as yet, but Basenotes forum members seem to want them anyway!

    The original Play fragrance was created in 2007 by perfumer Aureilen Guichard, to accompany the brands clothing line of the same name, which features hearts designed by Filip Pagowski.

    A Play T-shirt featuring all the new colour hearts will be available to accompany the fragrances launch in May.


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    1. danny1967's Avatar
      danny1967 -
      dover st market shop is just around the corner from where i work. YOU KNOW i'll be there the day they put them on sale.
    1. Marathon Alchemist's Avatar
      Marathon Alchemist -
    1. funhuntr's Avatar
      funhuntr -
      When CDG launches 3 Play fragrances it's lauded ... but doesn't this reek of multiple frag launches by RL and Lacoste (Big Pony and L.12.12)?

      Crossing my fingers the people at CDG didn't sell out, may these be legitimate creations and not cash cows.
    1. housecatmeow's Avatar
      housecatmeow -
      Don't like the original Play so would be interested to try these....

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