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    • Parfums Nicolaï launches L'Eau à La Folie at Esxence

      Perfumer Patricia Nicolai has released a new fragrance in Milan. The Eau Fraiche is called L'Eau à la Folie.“The title comes from a French expression” explains Ms Nicolai, “we say ‘Je t’aime a la folie’, which is the highest form of love you can have, a sort of ‘I love you even if it’s folly’. It’s really for the summer - I like to wear light things for the summer and wear different things for winter.”
      “The perfume takes its place as part of a trio which includes L'Eau Chic, which is more masculine, Eau Mixte, which is unisex and this one, which is more feminine – it’s fruity and jasmine.” The perfume will go on sale in April.