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    Italian perfumers Xerjoff have launched a new line at Esxense called ‘Oud Stars.’ The six perfumes are inspired by the famous book ‘The Travels of Ibn Battuta’ written by the 14th century Arab traveller who documented his impressions of the Islamic World, both east and west and is credited with being an equal to Marco Polo. The selection also pays homage to the Arab style of perfumery. The five perfumes are Zafar, Al Khatt, Mamluk, Gao, Najaf, Fars.

    The fragrance has head notes of Rose, Green Apple and Black Pepper. The heart features Neroli from Morocco, Oud Laos (matured for 15 years) and White Flowers; while the base contains Cedar, Incense, Vetyver Haiti and Musk

    Head Notes of Italian Bergamot and Jasmine Sambac lead to a heart of Cashmeran and Base Notes of Vanilla, Oakmoss, Laos Benzoin and Laos Oud.

    Has a head of Italian Bergamot, Honey and caramel Accord; a heart of Jasmine Grandiflorum, Osmanthus and Laos Benzoin; while the base contains Vanilla from Madagascar, Indian Oud, Crystal Musks and Amber.

    A Blend of Spanish and Iranian Saffrons are blended with notes of Gurjum, Bois de Cade and Nagarmotha. The base contains Indonesian Patchouli, Amber and a
    blend of Thai Pratchin Oud with Laos Oud.

    The head notes are woody, sweet and herbal; Heart Notes of Osmanthus, Cedar, Patchouli and Woody notes. The base contains Sansalwood, Vanilla, Tonka, Tobacco, Musk and Oud Wood.

    Head Note: Italian Bergamot, French Lavender, cade
    Heart note: Egyptian Geranium, Jasmine Absolute, Cedar Atlas
    Base Note: Amber, Santalwood, Patchouly, Haiti Vetyver, Indian Nagarmotha, Oud wood

    The fragrances are in limited distribution and cost €240 / $315 for 50ml EDP, apart from Zafar, which costs €295 / $390 for 50ml.


    1. Esxence Milano 2012


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    1. FumeHood's Avatar
      FumeHood -
      I think you mean 6 launches, not 5 (as noted by the descriptions). And when are these actually available?
    1. Grant's Avatar
      Grant -
      Thanks - was tired when I copy edited. Will ask about launch (they said they were launching here but will check roll out.
    1. MikeNY's Avatar
      MikeNY -
      Smelled these at MiN NY - amazing.
    1. MonkeyBars's Avatar
      MonkeyBars -
      Gao and Fars sound excellent!
    1. salim96's Avatar
      salim96 -
      Do they mean Dhofar by Zafar?

      Because Ibn Battota ( the traveller) has travelled to Dhofar which is a district in Oman

      whic is very famouse for resin tears, frankinsence & incense.
    1. FumeHood's Avatar
      FumeHood -
      No, Salim, the intended name is Zafar. However, you are correct in the plausibility of the Dhofar name, as it is already taken. (Dhofar is one of the scents in the earlier series of the Xerjoff "shooting stars.")
    1. salim96's Avatar
      salim96 -
      Thank you FumeHood for the clarification. I smelt the original Dhofar, it was OK to my nose nothing very special. I will try to smell this one.

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