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    Mark Buxton, the perfumer behind Le Labo Vetiver 46, Cartier Pasha and many Comme des Garçons fragrances, has relaunched his fragrance line. Buxton originally released a line of perfumes in 2009 in partnership with another company, but this time he is going it alone. The relaunched collection includes two previous fragrances: Black Angel and Wood & Absinth; and three new fragrances: Devil in Disguise, Sexual Healing and Sleeping with Ghosts.

    The fragrance packaging has been redeveloped: they are now housed in glass bottles with silver lids, and bright neon green labelling.

    The new fragrances are:

    Devil in Disguise, which has notes of rhubarb leaves, ginger, magnolia, neroli, patchouli, vetiver and musk. The scent is described as "The Divine Wind of Danger"

    Sexual Healing: davana, blackcurrant buds, elderberry absolute, osmanthus, cistus and castoreum. "An addictive fusion between man and woman"

    Sleeping with Ghosts has notes of tagete, quince, peony, leather, vetiver and vanilla. "Fantasy of extreme tenderness"

    Will we report news of availability once stockists have been confirmed.


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    1. d4N13L's Avatar
      d4N13L -
      Sounds good. How much they will cost?
    1. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
      Mimi Gardenia -
      I'm interested ! Especially in Black Angel though I have to say the bottles / packaging themselves don't appeal to me much.
    1. Grant's Avatar
      Grant -
      @ d4N13L - Mark is still talking to distributors etc, so we will post a new item with prices and availability when they are available.

      @Mimi - Black Angel has been available before, but I don't think the previous company distributed very widely outside of Russia, so they weren't a particularly easy collection to get hold of. Mark is dealing with all the arrangements in-house now, so hopefully they will be easier to get hold of (the Black Angel and Wood & Absinth fragrance pics in the directory are of the old packaging
    1. hednic's Avatar
      hednic -
      Thanks for the link.
    1. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
      Mimi Gardenia -
      Many thanks Grant. Yes, Black Angel has been really hard to get hold of here. I'm glad to see Mark Buxton 'come back' ,so to speak .
    1. hedonist222's Avatar
      hedonist222 -
      The Mark B. Line is available in Galeries Lafayette, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE.
      But thoroughly overpriced at $240.
    1. MonkeyBars's Avatar
      MonkeyBars -
      Mimi's got a point. The bottles look like weed killer from the hardware store or something
    1. pgcd's Avatar
      pgcd -
      Sexual Healing is very very nice - but it's absolutely not what I expected. A lot more healing than sexual, I'd say.
    1. Sybarite's Avatar
      Sybarite -
      Sexual Healing sounds lovely and just up my street. However, sorry but those bottles/packaging are truly atrocious. (And I luv the color "lime green". - The "squared-up" lids are their only redeeming factor). His previous bottles were much better by far. These unfortunately look somewhat cheap and tacky. (Especially for the asking price). What a pity ! ... Perhaps they look better "in-hand" (??) though I very much doubt it.
    1. Primrose's Avatar
      Primrose -
      I am interested, but I happen to like the old bottles. This looks a little too clinical.
    1. Foustie's Avatar
      Foustie -
      Two of my friends are just back from Milan. I couldn't go, BOO. The highlight of their weekend was Mark Buxton himself. They are raving about him. They tell me that he is just wonderful, charming, funny, happy to talk to anyone about his fragrances. They had a good chat and a good laugh. Very refreshing amidst some awful snobbery.

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