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    • Bond No. 9 to launch I Love NY for Fathers and I Love NY for Marriage Equality

      Bond No. 9 are launching two new fragrances in their I Love NY series. The fragrances are I Love NY for Fathers, and I Love New York for Marriage Equality.

      I Love NY for Fathers is described by the company as "an easy-to-wear, easy-to-love fragrance. [The fragrance] celebrates the vivid, fast-paced, swashbuckling breed of male-ness that built and defined the Empire State." The scent contains notes of basil, lime and coriander in the head; middle notes of lavender, sage and grapefruit blossom; and base notes of treemoss, musk and amber

      I Love NY for Marriage Equality has head notes of mandarin, nutmeg and plum; middle notes of rose, jasmine and ginger lily; and base notes of cashmere wood, sandalwood, and amber. "[It is] An easy-to-wear, easy-to-love fragrance that honors New York proudly setting the global pace in celebrating love, marriage … and civil rights" say the company.

      The fragrances are available as 50ml and 100ml Eau de Parfum. "Fathers" launches on June 1st, and "Marriage Equality" on July 1st.


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      1. Bonoanimoes's Avatar
        Bonoanimoes -
        Bonds reproduce like Rabbits, I wonder why?
      1. MrAndySais's Avatar
        MrAndySais -
        April's fool!
      1. MrAndySais's Avatar
        MrAndySais -
        Quote Originally Posted by Bonoanimoes View Post
        Bonds reproduce like Rabbits, I wonder why?
        April's fool!
      1. dmarino67's Avatar
        dmarino67 -
        This is one's real - it's been on their website.
      1. fazilicious's Avatar
        fazilicious -
        companies play pranks on websites too
      1. d4N13L's Avatar
        d4N13L -
        So now there are 7 differents I Love NY, right?
      1. Grant's Avatar
        Grant -
        Yes I think: for men, women, all, mothers, earth day, fathers and marriage equality.
      1. Francop's Avatar
        Francop -
        I can`t wait to try them all...mmmm...!!!

        Will there be I Love NY for Europeans ???

        That would be Good...
      1. djron91's Avatar
        djron91 -
        These are legitimate. They were present at the Elements Showcase. Marriage Equality is quite good.
      1. Wee Scottish Scent Lover's Avatar
        Wee Scottish Scent Lover -
        ... and so I will never buy or recommend a Bond fragrance again.
      1. Erok32's Avatar
        Erok32 -
        I feel embarrassed for owning any fragrances from this politically annoying company.
      1. surge's Avatar
        surge -
        So wait, this ISN'T an april fools joke?
      1. eMCizzle's Avatar
        eMCizzle -
        Interesting... What's next... I Love NY for Democrats / Republicans? I Love NY Pro Choice / Pro Life? I Love NY for Transgenders? Pro Cloning? Hmm...
      1. SmellGoodPimp's Avatar
        SmellGoodPimp -
        Quote Originally Posted by eMCizzle View Post
        Interesting... What's next... I Love NY for Democrats / Republicans? I Love NY Pro Choice / Pro Life? I Love NY for Transgenders? Pro Cloning? Hmm...