• Free sample pack of Dueto Parfums : Offer closed

      Dueto Parfums are offering Basenotes readers the chance to sample their latest release: Lady Cool, and two of their earlier fragrances: Golden Boy and City Love.
      This is the story of a lady in today’s world...
      She lives in PUaris, NYC, London, Tokyo, or any city in the East or West.
      She is cosmopolitan: active, connected, fresh and feminine with no boundary inher style. Her wardrobe is a mix of lace maxi dresses, biker jackets, killer heels,boots and a bit of ruffles.
      She is appealing, charming and stylish. Someone you want to chat, hangout andconnect with – SHE IS COOL.
      DUETO PARFUMS newest perfume for the urban lady – ‘LADY COOL’.
      This perfume was built around her personality: it opens with a fresh floral andsweet scent; then evolves into tenacious warm woody notes that are enriched witha musky scent.
      ‘LADY COOL’ is a free-bird that does not follow trends but creates her own uniquehip style.

      The fragrance is described as Floral-Woody and was created by Givaudan perfumer, Olivier Pescheux. Top notes include Cedrat, Nashi Pear and Cardamom; heart notes are Rose and Orange Blossom; while the dry down features Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla and Musk.

      To claim your free sample pack featuring 2x1.2ml Lady Cool, 1x1.2ml Golden Boy and 1x1.2ml City Love, please fill out the form below. The offer is subject to availability and while stocks last. offer now closed.
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      1. MarkStar's Avatar
        MarkStar -
        Thank you kindly!
      1. Sofyaan's Avatar
        Sofyaan -
        How do we know if we are going to receive a sample? Do we just wait and see if it shows up?
      1. The Smelly Scientist's Avatar
        The Smelly Scientist -
        Much appreciated. Never even heard of them, but the reviews have me interested! Looking forward to receiving the samples.
      1. Balvon's Avatar
        Balvon -
        It's interesting
      1. Beehles's Avatar
        Beehles -
        Great idea! I love free samples and definitely purchase a full size if I like it. I look forward to receiving mine and hope for more such opportunities in the future.
      1. miss mills's Avatar
        miss mills -
        I hope they'll send to little old NZ! Great offer.

        Thanks so much for the samples! They are all really gorgeous smelling but Lady Cool is an absolute stunner, really different to anything I've smelt of late and I will be buying a bottle of it.
      1. rollzst's Avatar
        rollzst -
        Thank you kindly
      1. Ivory88's Avatar
        Ivory88 -
        Very cool! Thank you.
      1. rogalal's Avatar
        rogalal -
      1. wilz's Avatar
        wilz -
        Great opportunity for us here in the UK to sample this line. Thankssss.
      1. ScentAddicted's Avatar
        ScentAddicted -
        Thanks! I'm looking forward to trying this !
      1. jPhx's Avatar
        jPhx -
        Just received the pack and Lady Cool will definitely be a FB buy soon. Many thanks, Dueto.
      1. Francop's Avatar
        Francop -
        Just received the pack too; all 3 samples are Gorgeous...received 2 samples of Lady Cool instead of City Oud so can`t comment on it.

        So far City Love is my Favourite; need to try Golden Boy again before a final judgement and ordering...
      1. donna255's Avatar
        donna255 -
        Yes my free samples arrived today. Thank you I will be testing. I thought City Oud was included but reading the offer I see it wasn't.
      1. Sofyaan's Avatar
        Sofyaan -
        I received my sample!!

        Lady cool is pretty good, the longevity seems to be a bit rubbish though.

        I thought Golden Boy was very good, it is a great combination of oud and whatever else is in it. I love the scent 24 gold because it has that oud note but it is not too strong so it makes it bearable. Same with Golden Boy, it has the same effect so I really like it.

        as for City love then I haven't tried it properly yet but it seems to be pretty good.

        Can anyone provide some information about this house though ? I have never come across them in stores before ?
      1. 30 Roses's Avatar
        30 Roses -
        My samples just arrived. Looking forward to trying them when I am unscented.

        Sofyaan, they have a website with a bit of info about their house:
      1. rogalal's Avatar
        rogalal -
        I got my samples today and I'm pleasantly surprised! I was expecting something mainstream, but on first sniff, City Love ended up being a nice dark patchouli oud rose somewhere between Black Aoud and Portrait Of A Lady, while Golden Boy smells like a leather jacket with pie spices on the little card I just sprayed. Thanks Dueto!!
      1. Birdboy48's Avatar
        Birdboy48 -
        Very nice to get these in the mail today. Hard to tell who's behind this brand, and what their overall intentions are.

        They may need to get their message straight though. On the one hand:

        "DUETO PARFUMS is an urban brand with ambition to design hype (sic) & cool perfumes for trendy people around the world. Perfumes are inspired by the modern society, catching the new buzz, the new must have, the new emerging, the new new…"
        On the other hand, in regards to Lady Cool, we hear this about the woman that Lady Cool is targeted at:

        ‘LADY COOL’ is a free-bird that does not follow trends but creates her own unique hip style....
        So Dueto is for people who follow trends...or not ?

        Not had the chance to try them yet, but initial reports say that the perfumes seem nice, and not particularly overpriced ( $106 USD / 100ml includes tax and shipping ), so it will be interesting to see what sort of direction this house goes in the future.

        Their retail shop is in Paris, but from what I could tell ( no postage of any sort was included on my package ) the samples were shipped from England.

        Edit : A quick web check shows the trademark for this brand is held in Dubai, UAE.
      1. nathan.k's Avatar
        nathan.k -
        Finally got my samples today—thanks very much to Dueto Parfums! The standout to me is City Love; I can definitely see a full bottle (or at least a large decant) of this in my future. The opening reminds me a lot of Czech and Speake Dark Rose, although I get a strong fruity vibe as well that's not mentioned in the notes... mango? Pears? In any case, it's very good stuff indeed.
      1. maryandtheboys's Avatar
        maryandtheboys -
        Thanks for my sample pack, which arrived today. Looking forward to trying them all out!

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