• 'Incredible Irises' Perfume Lovers London Event Thurs. 22nd November 2012

    Iris: rooty, earthy, powdery, sublime. There are many facets to this spectacular ingredient.

    Orris, or Iris is one of the most expensive raw materials in perfumery. It is traditionally used as a fixative to make perfumes last longer, but it has also been used as a central theme in a perfume: sometimes subtly, sometimes with a 'no holds barred' approach. This evening is a celebration of all things iris, that will enable you to appreciate its main characteristics and be able to detect it in many different perfumes.

    Yes, there are even irises for men! We will be lucky enough to have some fabulous raw materials courtesy of IFF.

    As usual, where possible, a sample of your choice and refreshments included.
    Tickets cost £15 and are non-refundable.
    This event is run in association with Basenotes.net
    Perfume Lovers London

    (This beautiful picture 'Purple Iris Parade' is used with the kind permission of Canadian artist Claire Bull. You can buy this image and see more of her fantastic work here


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    1. forfreddie's Avatar
      forfreddie -
      I'll be there!
    1. Diamondflame's Avatar
      Diamondflame -
      How I wish I could be there... I love iris!
    1. donna255's Avatar
      donna255 -
      I also love iris and wish I could go.
    1. Lila Das Gupta's Avatar
      Lila Das Gupta -
      Would have loved to see you there. I'll post a report up. Not quite the same, but I hope you'll get an idea of what we got up to.