• Wolfgang Joop offers 'Free Spirited' fragrance, Freigeist

    Coty Inc and Joop are launching their second fragrance in the Wolfgang Joop collection - Freigeist, which translates into English as Free Spirit*. The fragrance is set to launch in February in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and was announced in Berlin last November.

    Freigeist was developed by perfumers, Sophie Labbé and Alienor Massenet from International Flavors & Fragrances. The scent contains notes of gin, jasmine, leather and mahogany.

    The bottle is of the same design as the original Wolfgang Joop fragrance, designed by Lutz Hermann, but is blue in color.

    Freigeist is available from February 2010, as Eau de Toilette 50ml,Eau de Toilette 90ml, After Shave Splash 90ml, Hair & Body Shampoo 200ml, Deodorant Stick 75ml.

    * originally we had this translated as Free Thinker, but have been informed in the comments by asingleman that Free Spirit is closer.


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    1. asingleman's Avatar
      asingleman -
      a better translation is "free spirit"

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