• Kurkdjian launches Amyris duo

    Available now are two fragrances from Maison Francis Kurkdjian: Amyris Femme and Amyris Homme. According to the company, the fragrances are named after the shrub Amyris: "the name comes from the Greek amyron, which means “intensely fragrant”. Its resin exudes a luminous, unctuous orange-yellow scent, which is slightly powdery and grainy."

    Amyris Femme is a floral woody fragrance with notes of luminous lemon flower, Californian orange, Jamaican amyris, Florentine iris, Haitian vetiver and muskyamber.

    Amyris Homme
    is a woody fresh fragrance with notes of rosemary from Morocco, Sicilian mandarin, Jamaican amyris, Florentine iris and Brazilian tonka beanabsolute.

    The fragrances are available at Lucky Scent, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus in the USA; Selfridges, Les Senteurs, Liberty and Harvey Nichols in the UK.

    Kurkdjian has also created a fragrance exclusively for Bergdorf Goodman to celebrate the 111st anniversary of the store. The fragrance is named "754" and was "inspired by Bergdorf Goodman and conceived to capture the allure and vitality of New York City. Masterfully blended with notes of citrus, florals and musk, this sensual and fresh unisex eau de parfum is an olfactory evocation of a bright blue Manhattan morning."


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    1. lucasai's Avatar
      lucasai -
      Ah yes, two Amyrises. Both are very lovely, harmonious and really well made. I covered both scents on my perfume blog too, some time ago.
      I got samples of these two from my local niche perfume boutique few days after I've heard of this duo as they wanted me to try them and review them. Bottles appeared on their counter almost 2 months later.
    1. Sandy's Avatar
      Sandy -
      As much as I love APOM Homme, I'm eager to have a sample of this.
    1. lucasai's Avatar
      lucasai -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sandy View Post
      As much as I love APOM Homme, I'm eager to have a sample of this.
      Sandy, you can order one in the samples coffret at MFK Website.

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